This one. 
Listening while I read the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

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She's a fidgety one.  Her hands seems to have a life of their own and, when her mind is otherwise occupied, they tend to run amok, poking, picking and pulling apart hems.
We try to give them something to play with while girl child listens to me read.  Otherwise no telling what they'd do.

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(You will notice my skill at being able to take photographs whilst reading a book out loud.  That's nothing.  You should see my photos of baby girl child riding in the backseat of the car while I'm driving.  Those are good ones.)
Here I have caught girl child having an emotion at a particularly exciting plot exposition (that I won't describe, just in case you haven't read it yet).

 photo 8fc05300-5a1d-4ddf-b064-2a95c2082917.jpg

Note the hands that seem to be trying to break free from their host now that her mind is quite distracted by Harry's final face-off.
Now that we've finished the first Harry Potter book, we've just turned on the movie.  As I type this, girl child is dissecting it, pointing out every difference and reasons why the book is better.  She is also, I've just noticed, unravelling a frayed edge in my patchwork comforter while she watches.  Grrrr.  Fidgety little hands. 

 photo 2af8c81b-1e4c-476c-b5f8-beba72b6decc.jpg

Don't let girl child know I've shown you her picture.  She noticed afterwards that she had forgotten Harry Potter's glasses and her perfectionism is having a hard time accepting it. 
My second favorite bit of this drawing is how she has put Hermione up front and center.  Because she's obviously the best character and, according to the girl, one person the movie managed to get right.  So focused on perfection.  Reminds me of someone...  
The best part is the the Weasley sweater. 
Tomorrow we start Chamber of Secrets.

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  1. Great photos! I also have the backseat photos, but I didn't really doing it. I love catching pictures of the kiddo reading her books while in the car.

    We also have a set of fidgety hands. When she was smaller, she always had clay in her hands when she was watching t.v. She never made anything with it, just squeezed, squished, pulled, and smashed it. Now she draws. It's so much fun to see her version of the book.

    That second photo is beautiful.