Life is not a board on Pinterest

Is a lie.

I had long resisted the madness that is Pinning, but now it seems that I have gotten caught up in its web.

I created a board to make it easier to find Indietutes tutorials.  It appears, however, that boards are like rabbits.  Now I have more boards.  They breed and need organizing.  I'm having board babies.

I now go to Pinterest for craft and sewing inspiration but the nature of the computer is to drain energy rather than bestow it, so it ends up a self defeating purpose.  A few minutes in the chair, mesmerized by the shiny pins and it seems much easier to just pin something than to actually do it.  

Alas, for reasons obvious at this point, I have no project photos to share with you today.  Therefore, I shall show you this picture of my cat.

 photo 3a50e3be-2acf-45e0-a04f-d384ade4c327.jpg
We call him Mr. Pokey Fingers because he likes to get our attention by delicately piercing our flesh with his claws.  Here he is staring up at my fingers just out of poking range... he'll try it anyway.

 Now would be a really good time to share with me the most absorbing and addictive boards on Pinterest so I know to avoid them entirely.


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  2. know the feeling ;-)

    please avoid my boards (



  3. Ha ha ha, exactly! I created a board so I could keep track of all the sewing I want to do for Wub. I can't actually go to Pinterest to look at it because I will get too distracted.

  4. My husband and I have joint Pinterest boards to share projects that we would like to do around the house. I have a sewing board and I haven't touched my machines (other than for mending) in well over a year. Energy drain is right!!

  5. I feel your pain. When I first started on pintrest, it was a solid 3 days of nothing but pintrest. Then I felt like I had seen all I wanted. Now I just spend a few minutes a day catching up on what I follow. It sucks though, when I miss a few days.

    I have a ton of different boards, most of which you may want to avoid. (

    Now am off to stalk you on pintrest!

  6. I have almost 10k pins. I feel your pain. :/ I can't look at them though, because they really need to be reorganized and there is no way to mass organize things in Pinterest yet. :(

  7. I love your board! Thank you for pinning!

  8. I cook, sew, decorate, build and (sometimes) clean with pinterest. I have a full on addiction. I have the app on my phone too! My newest thing is pinning advice for the care of the poultry flock I just started. I have lots of your tutorials pinned too! :)