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This is the kids' favorite coffee house.

Not only is it an actual bus, a double decker bus from London, a rare sight in prairie Canada, but they have super yummy baked goods (root beer cookies today!), board games and a bucket of toys (we love anywhere where they have toys - we've even hung out in doctor's offices without appointment just to play with the toys).

It's best to come on a windy day.  When you sit in the upper level and the wind blows, the whole places rocks and shutters like a treetop.  It adds a slight exciting element of danger (will we tip over?  will an umbrella let loose and sail through the window?)  From there you can watch the comings and goings from the city courthouse and make up back stories for those who pass by, a game loved by girl child who always seems to find something dark and mysterious about almost everyone, never deterred even by the beige and navy lawyer suits.  Boy child likes to spot the guns on police officers.  (I have decided not to be concerned about that.) 

Plus the coffee is pretty good too.

Any good coffee shops in your town?


  1. This looks awesome! Have longed to visit Canada ever since I got addicted to Degrassi back in 1987....

  2. Okay, your comment has had me pondering all morning. Addicted to Degrassi? Longed to visit Canada? How can these things happen? Is it possible Canada has some sort of exotic allure that I am missing because I live here?

    Its true there are some good spots though and if you do make it up to Canada, give a wave! But make it a big wave because it's a big place... especially on the prairies :)