'What's a muggle?'

This is the question girl child asked just a week ago.

As I began to read the first chapter of The Book, I felt like Smootch was about to be changed forever. I know it's odd to have an eight year old that doesn't speak Harry Potter. We have tried reading it in the past but had never gotten past the first page or so before her eyes crossed in boredom. She has watched the opening credits to the first movie, even, but wandered off before the story began. She has just been so Not Into Harry Potter.

Until she was invited to a Harry Potter themed birthday party.

In preparation, we began Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Smootch promised to grit her teeth and get through the beginning in honour of the birthday girl.  We had only just made it to the Hogwarts Express when the date was upon us.
"Mom," girl child says of the party, "I felt just like Harry Potter because everyone knows all about magic and quidditch and Hogwarts but me!"
We've just now read about the Sorting, and though girl child is a bit disappointed Harry got into only the second best house (she believes Slytherin to be the best... must keep an eye on this child), she is in a full blown Harry Potter fever.

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  1. She looks so grown up!

    Funny that she thinks Slytherin is the best. And yes, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on her :0)

    We listened to the audio books, but thankfully that seems to have been the extent of her Harry Potter interest.

  2. Oh Harry! I have been reading these with my eldest and we have experienced Harry's adventures together. It has been a lovely journey to share with him and get lost in this other world. In fact this morning we were crying together as something awful happened, but at least we could share it together. Maybe its more of a boy thing?

  3. Wub carries around a copy of The Sorceror's Stone and calls it her Harry Pottery book. We've almost finished up Little House and then it's on to muggles, snitches and cloaks of invisibilty. Can't wait.