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Randomness today.  This is about two feet square of my south facing wall, where the living room meets the dining room. I say 'room' like they are two different rooms, but they are divided only by a pony wall, where the detritus of everyday life gathers like leaves in a storm drain.  Paintings were done by Smootch about three years ago.  The plaster heart is a decorated bit of drywall The Man made for me, for the next time I need a patch over.  The garment tags with attendant buttons were mined from Aunt Adelaine's collection.  

The children are ill.  Again.  What is it with kids?  The boy has been slumping from one blanket nest to another through out the day.  The girl has taken a couple of Advils, brushed her hair, and gone off to her dance class and first night of rehearsals for her theatre group's production of Rapunzel.  No little soaring fever is going to keep her away from the theatre.  I would of kept her home out of respect for the other kids, but I have seen almost everyone of them come in with some sort of fever or contagious illness, laying about in a semi-coma and then rising like the walking dead for their cues.  When you are a performer, the only excusable illness, it appears, is death.  But only with a doctor's note.

There is only one day left of the free download for the Oh Suzanna Smock ePattern.  Thank you to everyone who have responded with nice things to say about the pattern.  

Hope all is well in your domestic nooks and, if it is not, you are still able to rise up, brush your hair, and dance. 

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