black apple dolls :: school fundraiser

I am not a great knitter.  I do not practice much and I could only find a pair of chopsticks with which to do the job.  I only knit and cannot purl. Plus I like to watch roller derby while I knit and only work during the thirty seconds between jams.  But not if there is a replay. 

So it takes awhile.


Despite my vast knitting handicaps, I decided I could possibly find a bit of time to knit together a couple of scarves. Very little scarves.


The yellow scarf is exactly three stitches across. Even I could handle that.

These little Black Apples went to my kids' school today to hopefully join a raffle for a bit of fundraising.  My fondest wish is that they find their way into a couple of little girls' hands this holiday and they love them the same way that Smootch and Birdie have loved their Black Apples (aka Train Boy and Flower Girl). 

For a couple of reasons, I am ridiculously happy with the little identifying tag I made for the dolls. The first reason is that it is officially the neatest job I've ever done stamping anything ever (don't judge, I can't be awesome at everything).  Plus my whole massively long blog address (which I know I should do whatever internet voodoo is needed to shorten it but haven't found the motivation yet) fit on the bottom without having to make it too obviously squishy.

Here they are, all ready to go.


The second reason why I love this tag is that the tag itself is upcycled from a bit of vintage cardboard used to hold retail buttons from my great aunt's buttons.   

I used the last of the buttons on another doll that I am making. Using every scrap inherited from my great aunt is my life goal. I estimate she had about ten thousand buttons plus hundreds of little bits of notions and lace.  Actually, I may have to start gifting buttons to you kind folks if I have any hope of actually using all those buttons, especially since only about two percent actually have matching mates.  Anyone have any great buttons projects?

I very much enjoy making the not-okay-to-play-with art dolls but a part of me was glad to return to making squashy, happy dolls that can be cuddled, thrown, and roughed up and still be just fine.  A doll is meant to be played with, to be a tool of the imagination and a soothing comfort.  Not art.  Just fun.

I am very grateful for the opportunity and ability to make these little dolls, and, of course, to Emily Martin for sharing her Black Apple Doll pattern freely with all of us.


  1. Those dolls are great. I may have to give them a try soon.

    We have been making a lot of button ornaments for the holidays. We just moved and two of the first things we found when unpacking were the big jar of buttons and the hot glue gun. Add some pinterest into the mix and we have been making button ornaments. No need for matching buttons!

  2. I was thinking the same thing - Christmas ornaments. Smooth could string along her favorite buttons and tie in a loop like her first sewing project you did with the fabric scraps....or perhaps go for broke and string them all up on yarn for a garland! You could pick out your favorites and showcase them in a shadow box (or three). And I love the idea of sharing with your readers!

  3. Great dolls and nice work on the scarfs. You could do button bracelets. I've made a few and they are not difficult at all. I made them like a charm bracelet but used buttons instead of charms.

    I love reading your blog.

  4. My son's class made button bracelets for mother's day this year. Not as cool as the beaded bracelet the year before, but still pretty awesome. You could always do something like that. :-) cheers

  5. Also, I'm so glad to have seen this post! I'm definitely making one of these fantastic dolls as a gift for my almost 2 year old niece! We are doing handmade gifts this year and this is just perfect!!! Thanks for sharing! I had not seen these adorable dolls before!


    You could always save them up for something like this.