the mysterious yet influencial connection between socks and happiness

This morning, once again, Smootch couldn't find matching socks to wear to school.  Apparently this long running problem of ours has imprinted itself on her psyche because she considers matching socks to be a special treat, almost on par with chocolate, savored and saved for a special day.

But today, in the anxiety producing rush to get out the door before we're too late - if we hear the anthem being played when we walk in, we know we're bad - the daily mismatched socks fiasco became the focal point of her displeasure.  There was hint of tantrum as she stomped her foot and whined, 'Mommy!  I hate not having matching socks!  It makes me so unhappy!'

For some reason, maybe still too groggy from a too short sleep, I decided to ignore the clock and sit down for a heart to heart life lesson.

'Darling, happiness is a state of mind, not something that happens to you.  That means that only you can decide to be happy, regardless of what is going on.  Nothing can make you unhappy unless you let it.  There will always be something that isn't right.  It's your choice what to do with it.'

Smootch digested this while she looked down at one short plain maroon sock and one long pink sock printed with flowers.  Then she looked up at me and smiled.

'Okay, mom.  I'll take care of my happiness if you take care of matching up my socks.'

What else could I say?




  1. oh those smart ones. :) so cute.

  2. Beautifully said. Well done, Mama!

  3. You make me laugh, Charity! Smootch is one smart cookie. And you are one wise mama. We have unmatching socks at home too often, too. Where do the other halves of all this pairs hide out, I've wondered? They must do it to make us earn our motherhood badges, I think.

  4. :)

    I go through the ordeal of finding my girls matching socks, and then they trade, so each is wearing one of each. Why do I bother?

  5. Thank god for kids! I like this post of yours, I even linked it up at my blog!

  6. What a great story! Thanks for sharing.

    I wish you a happy happy happy day.


  7. I am in love with this post. I am telling my daughter these exact words! What a smart mommy you are!

  8. That is awesome. I rarely match my daughters socks either. she is 3 years old and she just tells daddy that mommy is silly and never matches her socks.

  9. Ah, those important life lessons. So much more important than being on time. If all goes well some day she'll be telling her daughter, "When I was your age, my mother gave me some really good advice ..."

    I have said something along those lines to my kids a time or too. "When I was little, your grandma said something and I've never forgotten it..." It's funny how it's never the things my mother thinks I should remember, but the little things that she doesn't remember saying.