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Around here you can't throw a rock without hitting a farmer or three.  But, you'd have to throw a particularly large rock quite a few times before you'd whack a roller derby playing, photographer, geek girl farmer.

And then she'd probably be pretty angry and she's also a mother so you may actually want to avoid slinging around rocks in general on the off chance you'd nail the one that deals daily with the realities of life and death on the farm, toddlers, oversees wars between dwarfs, sorcerers and trolls, and also likes to hit people for fun.

A couple weeks ago Smootch, Birdie and I made our way out to Christina 'Dungeon Mistress' Molendyk's home and farm using a more conventional way of finding someone, specifically some directions and a google map.  Our mission was to get some photographs of the bib tunic I am writing a tutorial for but, as always with Christina, I got so much more (including witnessing the birth of a calf, but that is another story).

But first off, the photos of Smootch and Birdie in their tunics:


Both tunics are made from linen with a cotton bib front.  I will have a tutorial in sizes 3 through 8 for you... soon. 

(If you don't know by now, I still operate on toddler time.  Either everything happens painfully slowly or very, very quickly with a huge mess to clean up afterwards.)

Smootch in her tunic:


Birdie in his tunic plus a Fair Weather Jacket in the middle:


My favorite, a picture of Smootch's gorgeous green and brown eyes and then some of her in a Revolution's Frock.


Thank you, thank you Christina for these amazing photos! 

You can see more of Christina's work at her website, Argent Dawn Photography, and if you happen to live in central/south Alberta, you should book an appointment.


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