Some bunny is all alone...

On Monday's post, I don't suppose you happened to notice the little bunny?

No?  Okay, look again:


It's an important bunny.  Because it is the only Easter prep I've done this year.  One little flop earred guy.  Why am I being so morse about only making one bunny?  Did I actually need to make even one bunny?  Okay, no.  But I'm still sad.  Another case of inflated expectations versus reality.  I thought I would actually have dozens of the little critters made by this point in time.  One for each person under 16 years of age that I know.  I pictured myself traipsing along the Easter weekend, visiting friends and family, dropping a little handmade bunny into every set of tiny hands I encounter.  Like a trucker talking, tattooed Easter Bunny, sans fur, ears and pastel bonnet.

Some seriously deluded thinking, I know.  Especially since it's not even very bunny-ish kind of bunny, according to the children I've polled.  One child thought it was some sort of zebra dog.  Another thought it was a cat that sat too hard on it's tail and squished up.  Another just looked at me with big I-Don't-Know panic eyes, sensing that his answer was vitally important to me, yet frightened to say the wrong thing.

This is supposed to be a rabbit?


So, it's probably a good thing I haven't had the time to make more of them.  It is probably the least loved mama-made thing ever.  The pattern is a knit fabric adaptation of the knitted square bunny, which I thought would be a clever idea for us not so great knitters, but turns out to fall a little under the cute bar. 

When looking towards the future, I always seem to think I have more time than I do.  Grand plans are made and totally fail to materialize.  This causes much heartache in me and feelings of failure, thinking that I can not meet my own expectations, but it really is a case of miscalculation.  I do not have the time I think I have.  Not if I still want to feed myself and my children and actually leave the house every once in awhile. 

We have a number of big changes coming up again and my goal is to make them as smooth as possible without the drama.  I have a list of things I'd like to see happen and what I need to do.  But before I get too far ahead of myself, I'm going to do what I do when I declutter, something I am becoming quite proficient at.  I will take everything on that list that involves Spending Time and cut out half of it.  Then I will take the remainder and cull another half.  Whatever is left will be the most important and, hopefully, I will have time to do them properly.

Something to feel good about.  


I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend and don't get too overwhelmed with busy-ness.  Take time to chill out with the loved ones that you have worked so hard to be with. 

I myself will be out and about, visiting, egg hunting, and eating eating eating.  But before any of that happens, I get to play derby with this lovely group of good lookin' ladies:
Nightshades by Papa Razzo
 Happy weekend all!  Next week: tutorial on altering sports jerseys so they actually fit :)


  1. Gosh I want to play derby! SO BAD.

    I really think that your bunny is adorable. Don't be sad.

  2. I really like your adorable little bunny. I wouldn't mind trying to make on for my kids sometime soon. Who says bunnies have to be just for Easter, I've always liked them and I think they're great year round!

    Keep up the drive to do more even if you fail your own expectations you exceed everyone else's. Your one smart and talented lady!

  3. lurker hopping out of lurkerdom for a moment.

    Sometimes it is better to make a list of the things you did accomplish rather than the ones you didn't.

    Ok, hopping back in.

  4. oh Man! It's like you can read my mind sometimes! I'm not a failure - I am just really bad at estimating time! ;)

  5. Well, my two-year-old took one look at the picture of the bunny, shouted "It's a bunny-rabbit!" And then started mumbling "hop, hop, hop" to herself, since that's what bunny-rabbits do.

    So I think that she would count your rabbit a success! :)

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend!