mi mi mi me

Good day all!

They say that bloggers are an unusually shy group, given to bashfully expressing themselves anonymously through the written word to an unknown audience. I can't say that I break the mold in anyway. I am not much of a conversationalist in general and terrified of public speaking.

That said, I did something last night that dangerously extroverted and yet I live to tell the tale. I talked. And was recorded. And I didn't die.


(I bet you were hoping I was going to announce my winning the amateur stripper of the week title downtown or that I had performed a one woman one act play of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer's Mother. Sorry, not that risque. Next week maybe. These things need worked up to.)


I was honoured to talk last night with the very sweet and crafty Anne of GreenStitch podcast. Anne and I chatted about reconstructing clothing, Little Print Designs patterns, and dumpster diving. I haven't actually listened to the podcast yet because listening to my own voice makes me want to crawl outside of my own body, but The Man has listened and he says I don't sound like too much of a jerk.

Do you see why I love him?

If you would like to hear the melodious sounds of me not dying, please visit Anne of GreenStitch's podcast here and then check out her production notes here.

Thank you Anne for the honour and opportunity!  It's brilliant how you are sharing so many green and creative ideas with your podcast and I'm excited to see where you go next!


  1. You were terrific!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your time and your thoughts! Count me in as a lifetime fan of IndieTutes!

  2. That was awesome! You sounded great. I'm going to try to gather up some courage to go dumpster diving at Michaels and to ask my thrift store if they're throwing anything out... that never occured to me before. Thank you!

  3. You're gonna write a book someday, right? Your writing style is hilarious (and other days poignant, thoughtful, amazing...)
    I'll have to listen in to the show.

  4. Thanks Anne!

    Laura, let me know how the dive goes. Michaels is our all time favorite haunt and we're not the only ones.

    Sewing Dork, if time, circumstance, and inspiration all happen to collide at the same moment, I'm likely to do almost anything that would invite me to stay in my pajamas until noon (why do you think we homeschool? :D)

  5. I really enjoyed your listening to your talk, didn't think you sounded like a jerk even a bit :D

    Think about your talk has inspired me to get some of my moth eaten sweaters out of the closet that i've been wondering what to do wiith and see if I can figure out how to felt them. Love your blog, and your writing style, definitely inspiring without being intimidating.

  6. em, slightly embarrassed by all my typos, I blame it on using someone else's keyboard, I spilled water all over my mac (!!!!) and I'm stuck with this one. It's missing the letter T, so I have to press really hard where the button once was, makes typing a little weird.

  7. I didn't think you sounded even a little jerk-ish. Loved hearing your brain on re-making. And I have NEVER thought of asking my favorite thrift store about what they throw away. SUCH a good idea. High five to making from what's on hand. Can't wait to read more on your blog.

  8. OMG, you are so funny, an exellent writer and super generous with your talent. I only just discovered your blog tonight when I typed SouleMama into the search engine and your blog came up....don't all of us soulemama readers feel that way?

    also curious to know what kind if any computer software you use for pattern drafting?

  9. Constance,
    thank you!

    I don't use cmpt for drafting - I actually draw it out by hand very neatly. Software licensing is way too expensive for what I do :D