laid back friday

The oddest thing happened yesterday.


We had nothing planned.  No obligations.  No agenda.  Nothing to do.


So, we did lots.


How amazing is it to have some time to follow our passing inspirations.  To finally get at that so simple yet so hard to find time for project.


To be able to take the time to follow through, finish up, and move on naturally without an eye on the clock. 


How magical it is to be able to observe my children in the backyard close up, without having a screen between us while I make supper and get done the fifty thousand things to do that day.


How blessed I am that they still want me in their world, close up, nose to nose.  They want me right there with them, watching, cheering and commiserating.  I know sometime in the future they will still need me, but our closeness will become more complicated, with growing areas of their lives I will not longer be welcome to observe closely.  For now, often, it is enough to bask in their naked desire to connect with me.  


Yesterday I did not get anything done on my list.  But, I didn't add anything either.  A good enough reason for a celebration.


(Swordplay thanks to the brilliant Lindsey Boardman of Filth Wizardry.)


Jenny said...

Don't you just love days like that... They don't happen often enough... But are more precious for their rarity.

Tina said...

We love these days also, and we just made some of the same types of swords!

Such a small world :)

Mama Bear said...
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Lila Lime said...

Thank you so much for sharing these words! They're beautiful (your words and your children).