Allow me to introduce myself... again.

I was just putting together some information for the upcoming sponsorship opportunities here on Indietutes and I had to look up how long I've been doing this blog. Because I didn't know.  It seems to me like I've always been doing this.  So, going way, way back to May of 2007, when Smootch was only three and Birdie wasn't even, I re-read my the first post I wrote for this blog. As I read it, I was surprised to realize that I still feel exactly the same way now as I did back then. I expected to have changed more since then.  Either I'm really boring or I meant what I said, and that is why I keep doing it.  So, I thought I'd share it again with you, in case you were one of the current fifteen hundred daily visitors who missed it the first time around. 

Here it is:


I want to share with you my patterns and ideas because I like to share and many have asked how I do what I do.

And because you don't need to buy a ten dollar pattern to make your kid a dress when you have more than need right in your closets.

And because my brain is bursting with ideas and hurts if I don't tell others what I think about.

And because there is so much perfectly good fabric being thrown out each year.

And because I hate Walmart and cookie cutter stuff. (But I do like cookie cutters. A lot.)

And because I'm worried that if people continue to have all their needs serviced by factories on the other side of the world and never learn to make things themselves, when the alien lizard monkey beast invade and we are forced to live in small scavenging bands and only Mad Max has any gasoline to run a dune buggy and steadfastly refuses to make a quick run to Mexico for some cheap underwear, that we will be forced to cover ourselves with fused together refuse.

And because I like you.

Much has changed for me since then, yet so much the same.  Happy Fall, y'all!  Talk soon. xoxo


ps, I still really hate Walmart, but I don't judge you if you shop there. Because I've shopped there too. How else would I know I hate it?


  1. 1500 daily visitors?? YOU GO GIRL!!!! That is awesome ~ Congratulations!!

    I blogged recently about my 1st & latest (at the time) clothes refashioning
    I'm pretty certain that you were the first to introduce to me the concept of upcycling, refashioning, whatever you want to call it ~ Thank-you!!!

  2. I love your blog! I ran across it a few weeks ago. I had already read back to your intro and cracked up about the Mad Max comment! LOL I love Mad Max! I have always tried to use what I have and not spend much money! It is ridiculous what sewing notions cost now! Way to go, 1500 daily visitors! WOW! Blog on!

  3. Thank you for sharing what you think about, you obviously have a great mind! I can relate to your reasons for sharing, I get worried for the world too and feel it is important to let people in on my tips for living a more thoughtful life.
    Your generosity is truly appreciated xx

  4. I really enjoy being one of the 1500 people to read your blog :)

    I have recently (within the last year) entered the world of upcycle, refashion, etc. I think I have always been interested in the idea, but in this last year, it has become more important and necessary in my life.

    Your blog has helped me to reach some of the new goals I have set for myself on my quest to be better to this small planet we are slowly destroying.

  5. I totally shop at Wal-Mart. Need to stop though, as I'm pretty certain the parking lot will be the (literal!) death of me.

    Thanks for sharing. I think I've taken away more from your blog than any other.

  6. OMG, I am dyin' laughin' over here because I have said almost the exact same thing about living in a POst Apocalyptic Mad Max world to my family everyday for at least the last ten years. Love that. :D

  7. your blog is inspiring and urged me to have my blog in the first place. Thanks to you, i have a decent enough blog though many not have as many hits as yours! i also agree to your copyright line which is touching. Tute tuesdays of indietutes inspired me to share little knowledge that i have and i feel sense of satisfaction when someone uses the technique or pattern i shared and are happy about it.

  8. Love this post, love the photo. Thank you for the inspiration, thank you for sharing part of your world....been really enjoying the blog and tutes.