I want to share with you my patterns and ideas because I like to share and many have asked how I do what I do.

And because you don't need to buy a ten dollar pattern to make your kid a dress when you have more than need right in your closets.

And because my brain is bursting with ideas and hurts if I don't tell others what I think about.

And because there is so much perfectly good fabric being thrown out each year.

And because I hate Walmart and cookie cutter stuff. (But I do like cookie cutters. Alot.)

And because I'm worried that if people continue to have all their needs serviced by factories on the other side of the world and never learn to make things themselves, when the alien lizard monkey beast invade and we are forced to live in small scavening bands and only Mad Max has any gasoline to run a dune buggy and steadfastly refuses to make a quick run to Mexico for some cheap underwear, that we will be forced to cover ourselves with fused together refuse.

And because I like you.


  1. you are a riot... that was great.

  2. Thank you!!! I have seen your posts on craftster.org and was HOPING you had posted some of your patterns...

    Are you planning on sharing any of your coat patterns? They are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks erin! I haven't figured out yet how to get proper pattern online without learning how to use unfamiliar computer programs. One day...

  4. You are a crafting goddess! Finally there is someone else out there who is just ecstatic about making something new, useful and beautiful out of something old, ugly, useless, and all that for free! I always thought you needed tons of equipment and classes and experience to be a good sewer and was way too intimidated to even try, even though I love crafting. When we moved to the US six years ago, all I had was a pair of scissors, needles, thread, a little fabric and lots of time, and I was just fine! Today I sew what I want because I know that all you really need is creativity. Recycling rules! :)