bug lite

If you wanted to sum up our home school subjects you could list them as Pioneers, Sun and Stars, and Bugs.

Especially bugs.

This is what I find exciting about our interest led sort of learning: the whole family gets involved and learns along with the child.

Who doesn't love bugs?


This praying mantis, like the stick insect, is not native to our area. 


No matter.  I'm sure the mini-beasts inhabiting our backyard have gotten used to strangers.


As for Smootch, the more bugs the merrier.


  1. I had to scroll back up to the first picture and double check that it wasn't real ... It looks great!
    I have a bug-loving daughter here too. We had to make a snail terrarium a few months ago because I was sick of finding snails all over the house LOL!

  2. YAY! Your RSS is fixed! That last picture is just so cute! Her eyes speak volumes.