Attention! Attention please!


I have a few messages to pass along, particularly for those of you who feel you do not have enough things to sew ;D

PhotobucketFirst up, the Fair Weather Jacket sizes 5-8 pattern is now available once again at my Etsy shop.

Thank you for your patience with me, I know its been awhile since the pattern has been posted.  I have been pondering making a printable pdf version available, but it would mean some thirty pages to print, then reassemble into pattern pieces with glue or tape.  Great for puzzle lovers, but still feels a bit onerous to me.  However, if any of you feel strongly about having a pdf version, let me know and I will reconsider it :)

PhotobucketNext to know is that the paper version of the Tiered Patchwork Twirler (toddlers and preschoolers) is also in the shop.  I have to share with you this version of the twirler, made by Kelly of An Apple and a Tree blogging fame.

Kelly made this batik twirler using one piece of batik printed fabric.  With the squares cut, she was able to divvy them up into colour groups and create this gorgeous fade effect. 

I adore it.  I've always looked at the batiks in the fabric shop but could never envision a project for it.  I may have to break my no-more-twirlers rule just this one time (ha).

In case you were wondering, yes, Kelly also has an Etsy shop with all sorts of upcycled awesomeness.  Check out An Apple and a Tree on Etsy.

Third, I've been DISCOVERED!  My modeling career has been launched!  (You can tell it's me by my distinctive markings :D)


Crystal of HeartSong Farms made a handy little pdf pattern for a market/vendor apron, and she asked if I could try it out.  I loved it, great, solid vendor's apron, and I even took a picture of myself making it.  And, behold, I'm on my way to fame and fortune!

While we are all waiting here for my millions of fans to notice me, you can go check out this excellent pattern.  Crystal also blogs over at Solidity Of Rainbows, if you were ever curious what a homeschooling mom of five  is up to.  You can also harass her gently if you would like to see a child's version of the market apron - I believe she has one on the drawing board.

Lastly, (I think), you will notice a few additions to the sidebars soon.  I have decided to explore the fruitful world of sponsorship.  I will be putting up some information on what is happening and how you can become a sponsor of Indietutes your own self over the next few days.

Oh, one more thing: I have a sewing tutorial coming soon too!  But it's a summer dress, so I'd better get a wiggle on.  (Somebody send me some more time!)  Stay tuned for another great tutorial :D

Oh, oh, one last thing, promise:  Yes!


  1. My vote is to have a pdf pattern of the Fair Weather Jacket. I have 5 kids, and if I can print the pattern for multiple sizes it is sooooo much nicer! Thanks so much for all your posts!

  2. Oh, just curious - can the shell material of the Fair Weather Jacket be made with (for lack of a better term) outdoor furniture fabric? I figure it would be durable and weather resistant, although I have never sewn with it before.....

  3. Hi Jennifer, I thought I'd chime in real quick. I have 5 kids too! 2winters ago I made the FWJ for three of them. The sizing is so fantastic that I litereally don't have to make more this winter (except for the two littles) I just roll the sleeves down. She's got a tute I think on resizing the patterns which is what I did bc I needed a size 5 before this new pattern came out.

    Bascally, if you have kids that are relativel the same size, you can use the same pattern.

    Maybe that helps a bit?


  4. I would love a PDF of the Fairweather Jacket. I'd rather print 30 pages than trace patterns for every size. PLEASE consider it!!!

  5. Jennifer, I have made jackets out of outdoor upholstery! I liked them, water resistant (but not proof). My only complaint is that the dirt did not wash out as nice as a linen or cotton, but it's a minor thing.

  6. Thanks for the answer! They have some very cool patterns in outdoor upholstery, and I thought it might work. Crystal, that's awesome on the jacket! My sewing machine is being tempermental, so until I figure it out (lots of missed stitches-yuck), I can't make anything. What fabric did you use for the shell and lining of your winter jackets?

  7. Since we're in FL and don't need really heavy coats, I used corduroy for the shell and flannel for the lining. I also used denim needles in my machne.