think: cake

I have a whole night of work ahead of me, now that the children are finally asleep. Tomorrow is go day. We are hoping to catch the ferry before the sun goes down. I am doing my best to not wig out. To sooth myself, I'm thinking about cake. When not packing or trying to absorb as much goodness from this island before I leave, I am getting my creative fix with episodes of Aces of Cakes* on Surf the Channel and reading Laura "Don't call me Cake Lady" from Piece of Cake blog.

If you haven't been over to this sweet mama's blog yet, go now.

I'm going to pack now.

*I only just discovered this amazing show while in the hotel in Victoria - we do not have a tv regularly, so we are often woefully out of touch.


  1. I really enjoy your blog. thank you for your time and honesty.

  2. My favorite cake blog is
    This one is always good for lots of laughs!

  3. I <3 Ace of Cakes. They recently had my favorite band The Avett Brothers on there and made them a banjo cake :) Cake is good. Moving can be good too!

  4. if you get a chance you should check out Cake Boss and Ultimate Cake Off! They are AMAZING cake shows! is one of my all time favorites too! Good for a laugh EVERY DAY!

    I have posted a couple of my cakes on my blog as well. Hope you check them out!

    Good luck with the move! prayers for safe travels!