label me proud to be handmade

And I'm back. Well, back-ish.

Thank you to all who have sent me supportive messages.
This past week I have nearly entirely (not so much) avoided any blogging, sewing, or cleaning of house. I've take a few naps, got some walks in and some extra roller skating practice (very good for head clearing, particularly while falling). I did make a couple pairs of trousers (which I hope to wiggle the kids into tomorrow to take some photos) but I make trousers almost reflectively, the same way other people make dinner, so it doesn't really count. (Plus, the trousers have a really funny name, that I'm dying to share with you, so it's even more Okay.)

I would love to say my little rest was restful, but it wasn't actually. For our little family, it turned out to be a of Serious Discussion. Of Figuring Things Out. A time to Make Plans. (Can you tell I've been reading A.A. Milne lately?) A time to philosophize about how life is like a see-saw that goes up and down (true balance is boring), but every time one side dips to the ground it lands a slightly off kilter, moving the entire see-saw into ever new territory. Sort of like an unbalanced washing machine on the spin cycle.

So, some upcoming changes. I think I should put a disclaimer on my life that goes something to the effect of 'This person retains the right to change her mind at any point. Expect sudden lane changes and wide turns.' I know this blog needs something like that too :)

But, enough about me for now. There is lots of time for that later. Let's talk about You now and about what you are doing to let other people know who You are.

I had a question come up by email a couple days ago about where to buy quality and affordable clothing labels for handmade clothes. The actual need was for good information on the numerous companies offering woven label making services. I couldn't help because I am a major slacker when it comes to actually producing handmades for others and will never make enough to justify purchasing personalized labels.

(I do, however, use size labels. I found mine on Ebay, very inexpensive, and incredibly helpful for the few items I do sell to others, for my kids to know who's pants are who's [still, they get mixed up more often than is accidental, thanks to Smootch The Trouser Thief], and for anyone who inherits my children's clothes.

They are a bit boring, but useful to me.)

I have seen, though, some truly excellent labels in handmade garments made by more serious producers and even other dabblers such as myself. The labels certainly add a bit of polish to a handmade garment and, I think, shows pride in a job well done. I love seeing them.

So, for those of You who sew labels onto your garments, would you mind helping out fellow purveyor of the handmade? Where is a quality place to buy clothing labels? Anything to watch out for? What is your favorite type of label?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  1. I've missed you!Thanks for the tip on where to get labels

  2. I don't know where to buy labels, but here is a link to Craftster on how to make your own labels.

  3. I make my own labels, all you need is a document with your artwork to size, iron on transfer paper (Tshirt transfers) and some cotton tape or ribbon. Oh and a printer. I just print onto the transfer paper and then iron on to the cotton tape. I did get the tutorial for it somewhere online, but I cant remember where it was because it was so long ago.

    Otherwise there are a number of sellers on Etsy who have fantastic prices on woven labels.

  4. i bought mine from papersprout on etsy

    i use these beautifully printed PORK CHOP brand labels on all my stuff, but you've now got me thinking i should use size labels too :)


  5. I also make my own with transfer paper. I found a tutorial on BurdaStyle about a year ago, but I can't find it now. It's pretty much how Miss Amy describes it, though.

  6. Veronica CummingsMarch 4, 2010 at 6:46 AM

    Here's my favorite tute for this...

    I'm glad you are back to the blogging world.

  7. I use knit material so the labels are very soft. I bought the first batch, but I am going to make the next batch on my own using Dharma Trading's super soft transfer paper. You just mirror, print, and iron. I used the transfer paper for a few other iron ons and it was fantastic, not like the stuff I bought a Staples years ago.

  8. I bought mine from Worldwide Label on etsy. They are woven labels, so I know they won't fade in the wash like the print your own type. Their customer service in the setup phase was AWESOME - they make it to your specifications - any size, colour, folded, etc. Their pricing wasn't too bad either. Here's the kicker - it took forever for the order to come. So now I know, when I need more, I need to order far enough in advance before I run out. I bought 300, so that should last me a little while!

  9. I don't sell clothing per say, but, I do use labels. I went through many many many printed labels, and I had issues with them completely washing out, or washing the label off except the seam line. NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL. I finally decided China and woven labels were due. These guys have a great price, a good turn around, and decent shipping time ( since they come from China. There are a few producers in the US also, but, they were cost prohibitive to me.
    Good Luck!

  10. The last time I bought labels was several years back. I have never used size labels, which gets a little frustrating for those that get the clothes later. I have run out, so now I think I'm going to try the printable ironable fabric sheets. I'm pretty proficient at Photoshop, so I'm going to make a design that includes sizes for my kids. That way I can make new tags whenever I need them! One must be pink of course and the other blue. We must keep both genders happy. ;)

  11. I personally like woven labels. Fancy Weaver has AMAZING labels and they are just $45 for 200 text only labels. They are very high quality. They can do a graphic too but it's more. I got my text woven labels from them (I picked sized, font, colors) and I am very happy with them.

    I also have woven labels with a graphic but the lady I got them from is no longer in business.

    I should add that I like my fancy weaver ones so much that I have been debating order them in the reverse color (I have black with white text, and I think I want some white with black text - I use them to label the clothing i knit for my kids).


  12. I LOVE my source for fantastic, washable, beautiful and affordable labels!
    I use their fabric labels, made of cellulose....

    I've ordered them twice now...very fast shipping and great communication too!

  13. Wow! Thanks for posting this for me, there are so many great ideas and sites to choose from! I really appreciate the time you put into answering my question. Your readers so far have helped me immensely!! Thank you Thank you Thank you sooo much! You rock!

  14. I ordered some a while back from MissLabel on etsy. It was easy, reasonably priced, and quick. I absolutely love my labels, which have my little Birdie on them in B&W as well as text on both sides of the fold.

  15. I too ordered from MissLabel on etsy and have been completely satisfied. I was worried that they would fade over time with washing, but they have stayed pretty crisp. I will definately be ordering again.

  16. this is great! I've been looking to get labels for quite some time.

  17. I bought mine thru Worldwide Label on etsy, and they are brilliant. they took less than two weeks to arrive, and were exactly what i wanted, mine was a woven label, with artwork, and i think i paid about $60 plus postage for 600!

  18. Yes, thank you all for the info! Now I have a hankerin' for some labels too.

  19. I've ordered from Misslabel too. They were fairly inexpensive, and I liked that they were personalized with my logo. She shipped very quickly too. I ordered right from her websiter:

  20. Handmade label are getting more common today. For me handmade labels are more beautiful. Because you can make any designs or layouts that you want.