Thank you and Crafterhours

Thank you to everyone who shared measurements with me yesterday! I'm feeling pretty good now about the Smootch Special low waisted trousers for tall and thin kids (which needs a name, btw, if anyone is up for a contest next week) and I shall be busy with that over the next. I'm also working on a pdf version of the Lace Up Dress and that will be available very soon.

And I want to thank Adrianna from Crafterhours, who not only sent me some numbers, but also generously shared with me her pretty dresses based on the peasant blouse tutorial.

I love seeing how a basic pattern is embellished and modified and made into something so much more. That, to me, is where the creativity is in sewing; Not in the building blocks but in the translation.

And I like the way Crafterhours' speaks! Y'all need to pop over to Adrianna and Susan's beautiful blog and check it out, particularly the Milkmaid Skirt tutorial.

Happy weekend all!


  1. I have a skinny long legged boy. Maybe, "Someday I'll Wish For a Body Like This Pants" :)

  2. No skinnies here so I would name them
    "Those skinny britches". LOL

  3. Love what you do - so much so that I've nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award... Hope you like it!

    Details at my blog.