A question and a boy

Hi all! I've got a question for those of you who have tall and thin preschoolers. Hello! I have a thin one too. Just don't call her 'skinny', she gets really uptight: 'skinny' isn't 'pretty'.

Here's my situation: As I am just resizing my Smootchie Specials hipster pants pattern, I am trying to figure out if Smootch's dimensions are fairly standard among the tall and thin children set, or if my little darling is an oddball. If anyone is inclined, could you pass along the waist, hip and out seam (from hip bone to ankle bone, down the side of the leg) measurements of your t & l s? Either comment here or send me a message at I will enter all of the responses into a draw and send along a free copy of the Smootchie Don't-Call-Me-Skinny Specials when it is finished.

Thank you :)

One more thing, here is a couple pictures for Miss Amy, who commented the other day that her boy is a fabric sitter onner, when trying to cut out patterns.

This may seem familiar:

I've started using his stubborn defiance to help me out, by using his bulk as a pattern weight. Since he refuses to move once he gets down on top of the pattern, I can just steady the pattern piece under him, gently adjust his bulk as needed, and cut the piece out underneath him. Another reason to use sturdy paper for patterns instead of flimsy tissue paper.

Defiance action shot:

"No No No No No No No No"


  1. Waist - 21"
    Hips - 22 1/2"
    outseam - 24 1/2" (from waist to floor)
    inseam - 18"

    These are the measurement of my 4 year old. She wears a size 5 pant with adjustable waist and they just fit for length. She's also considered thin and tall for her age.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Pickle is 2 and a half, but the only thing holding the just-long-enough 3T pants up is her diaper bum. When that goes- look out!
    Waist: 18"
    Hip: 19.5"
    Outseam: 17" (hip bone to ankle bone)

    Somerset, NJ

  3. I had one skinny minnie and one turbo toddler. I don't have any measurements because they are now 27 and 24. Make 'em adjustable!

  4. Sorry, no measurements, because the skinny kids are now a thin teen and a slim tween, but an anecdote:

    Big brother, 6 years old, walks into the kitchen and says, "These shorts fit weird!"

    I look at him, and bust out laughing, "That's because those are your sister's jeans!"

    His sister was 2 at the time, and her jeans fit him just fine in the waist, they just weren't quite the right cut for a big boy.

  5. hi there
    my twin girls are tall and skinny. they are 2.5 years old and 99cm tall.
    waists: 50 cm
    hips: 54 cm
    outseam: 45cm
    they wear a 2 in size but would have to wear about a 3-4 in length. i often sew their clothes. i hope you work in cm's, too. :-)
    greetings from switzerland

  6. Okay, I thought my 3 year old was tall, but maybe she's slowing down. She's not exactly SUPER thin, but I thought you were appreciate a pretty "normal + tallish" toddler measurement, even if just as something to compare the thin-set too.

    waist 22
    hip 23.5
    out seam 19 1/2

    that said, she IS pretty tall (90th % our doctor keeps saying) but I think she's of the long torso shorter legs group.

  7. Miss M, age 3, 35 inches tall (5th percentile for height)

    waist - 18"
    hip - 19"
    outseam - 17.5"

    Not necessarily tall and thin for her age, but definitely proportionately tall and thin!

  8. I always wondered how you managed to sew with your little boy in the room! Now if I could just get mine to lie still while I'm cutting out instead of eating the pattern...

  9. Here are some measurements for you from my 4 1/2 yr old who is not super tall (yet, she just grew 2.5 cm/ 1 inch in under a month) for her age but is pretty skinny
    waist - 49.5cm/19 and a half inch

    where she actually likes to wear her pants (somewhere between her waist and hips)- 52cm/20 and a half inch

    inseam - 44.5cm/ 17 and a half inch

    outseam - 53.5cm/21 inch.

    Hope that helps, I love that you boy lies on the patterns, mine dances!

  10. hahahaha! When we were little my mom would get huge rolls of unprinted newspaper & trace us. We'd spend hours drawing & coloring outfits onto ourselves! Maybe if you gave him his own he'd stay off yours ? :)

    No skinny girls here, only 1 average boy ! Sorry I can't help!

  11. Measurements for my 5 1/2 yr old. Not exceptionally tall but has long legs and is very thin 9her legs ar most of her height length lol)

    Waist 48cm = 18.9inch
    Hips 56cm 22 = inch
    Outseam (from top of hip bone to ankle)60cm = 23.6 inch

  12. 5 1/2 yr old boy after breakfast:
    waist (belly button): 19.5inches
    hip bone: 20.5inches
    bum: 21.5inches
    inseam (to ankle bone): 18.5inches
    outseam (hip bone to ankle bone): 23inches
    overall height: 46inches

    for comparison, he has quite a large chest - 23inches under his arms, and you can see every single one of his ribs.

    and his waist measurement is the same as my 11month old girl.

  13. I don't have a child who sits on my fabric, but I do have a CAT that sits on my fabric....and my laptop keyboard as I try to type.... ;)
    Both of my kids are very tall for their age, but not of the skinny persuasion. They don't have chunky rolls or anything, their just solid kids. Sorry, can't help you will tall and thin measurements!

  14. My Spencer definitely falls into this category. He will be five next week.

    Waist (right after dinner)- 19 inches

    Hips - 20 inches

    Outseam - 22 inches

    I can only buy pants that have the adjustable elastic in the waist, and then I have to cinch it up about as tight as I can. I usually have to buy the next size up because otherwise they are too short. To have a pattern designed for "not skinny", but t & l kids would be awesome! Thanks!

  15. Skinny just-turned-5 (girl):
    Real waist - 18.5"
    Waist where she prefers pants to sit - 19.5"
    Hips - 21"
    Outseam - 23"

    She can still fit into her 12-18 month shorts, but they're obscenely short. Store bought pants, we grab a 5T, then add darts, because even the adjustable waist ones don't go small enough.

  16. That is hilarious. I thought only cats did that. I try to cut my patterns out when my toddler is napping, but then the cat comes and sits on them. I can't imagine the competition if they were both awake!

  17. My girls are 34 months old and in the 80th percentile for height. I don't know if this really qualifies for tall. But anyway, I think they are pretty slim:

    waist: 19.5
    hips: 20.5 (they don't wear diapers anymore)
    out seam: 19.5

  18. my skinnymini has:

    18.5 waist
    19.5 hips
    20.5 outseam

    size 4 slims fit her okay, but are starting to get too short...

  19. Hmm, your patterns look like mine! Gotta love that toddler love.