paper puzzle

Thank you everyone who played along yesterday. I will announce the winner's name for the Lace Up Dress ePattern at the bottom of yesterday's post.

I got to tell you, I've got all sorts of ideas whirling around in my head from the guesses and a new found fascination with lint art! The photo was not, alas, lint. There were a few correct guesses, though.

Behold! Our stack of paper puzzle pieces:

Alright, the picture probably didn't make it any clearer.

This little paper making kit arrived in the mail last week for Smootch as a late coming Christmas gift from her uncle. It holds the basic materials for reconstituting paper, the screen, a pulper (blender) and such, and a puzzle piece shaped mold. The Man gave it a whirl with the kids...


  1. Didn't see that coming. Was this a Bill Nye the Science guy kit? I came across one in Walmart and was uber tempted but Wednesday is too small I am a big girl who can use the blender. :)

  2. I am ga-ga over that kid because of the hand powered blender!!

  3. How cool is that puzzle? I love it, and the snoozing cat ;)

  4. cool
    i think its kinda funny you put the answer in your title yesterday :D
    a friend of mine in college actually made recycled paper - soaking it in her bathtub :) she gave me a piece, it was so pretty i never used it (it was a small piece)