scoodie junior

As far as fresh ideas go, this one is has been sitting at the back of the fridge for so long it's evolved new life. But, with winter creeping down the mountain here I'm suddenly scrambling for warmer clothes. We moved to Vancouver Island in the last part of summer, with only a half suitcase each full of clothes, so the scramble is a bit more frantic this year. Casting about for quick ideas I ran across my pictures I took last year of my scoodie lite: a hood with a small collar, buttoned at the neck with a couple of snaps. For when I needed the warmth up top in the wind but didn't want the bulk of the scarf.

It served me well last winter in Alberta but it is currently stashed in our abandoned RV some 1200 kilometers away, along with all our other toques, mittens and scarves, save but my red wizard mittens with stars on I received in a craft swap a few years ago and I love so very much. Yes, you are probably thinking that perhaps we aren't too bright and I'm nodding along with you on that one. How's that go? Crafty but stupid?

Still, this is an excellent opportunity to make some winter gear more suited to island life, where it is more rainy than snowy. I am going to make another that will be water resistant as well as warm. But try not to be too plastic rain hat, a la pensioner with a fresh perm. The kids could use some warm rain wear too, so perhaps some fun could be had...

For anyone wantiing to make a scoodie lite, visit the scoodie page and forgo the scarf, putting on a rectangler collar instead. Snaps or buttons work a treat to keep your hood on.

Okay, humor me with one more pic so I can remind myself how tiny Birdie was a year ago. He is now draped across my lap having an illicit early evening nap, while I type one-handed at you.

Ah, baby bliss!


  1. Cold is coming - I was just thinking about our wet winters down here in the south of the US. Not too many options on finding a natural option of weatherproof fabric. I need to make another littleprintdesigns jacket a size larger and was wondering how to make the fabric waterproof. I came across Nikwax and it does have an environmental stance that they take. I'll have to look into it more... let me know what you come up with.

  2. You bad person you. It's snowing like a youknowwhat here in Edmonton! As for waterproof... think PUL, turned inside out. I use it for diapers and its fab.

  3. Awww, such a cute picture. How tiny, cute!

    What a fun idea, that hood. Would have never thought of that!