button cleaning

Here's a two in one for you: how to get those thrifted buttons cleaned up for use and how to keep your kids busy for 20 minutes.

Here is Smootch's How to Clean a Button.


  1. haha! did she say," give it a little swish..."? that's just adorable! my oldest boy is her age and won't sit still even long enough to clean 1 button. in fact, i'm pretty sure he'd immediately try to swim in the soapy water and then he'd dump all of the buttons on the floor and try to swim in those as well. he's a spastic little guy but i'll give it a try anyway (on the porch ;)

  2. Oh Smootch, you are too cute! Great job ladybug on the cleaning of the buttons, you are an outstanding helper! And I thought my 3 year old baby girl was the sweetest thing. Love the video AND the idea! Can you image what I could get done in those 20 minutes? Guess I need to hit the local Goodwill, or just dirty up some buttons here.......anything for some free time! Thank so much you guys! Many blessings!

    Leslie G.