twinsies... you'll have to believe me

It's not everyday a twelve year old girl wants to wear the same shirt as her mom.

I'm not sure how to feel about it.

I made myself a racer back athletic top a couple years back and girl child has developed an affection for it.  I still had some fabric left over, sourced from Sew What?, from mine of the same style. Which I realize, now that I just went to look for pictures for, I don't think I ever posted it.  I'll have to remedy that soon but you'll have to trust me, it looks about the same, bit longer, more room for boobs and higher on the neckline so nobody can see said boobs directly when I bend forward.

For both of us, we often reconstruct t-shirts and sports jerseys to fit us better for roller derby and the gym, and it's not often I use virgin fabric to make something to sweat in.  Bit of a novelty right now.

Anyway, the top:

The pattern I use for my own athletic shirts is my own.  Adjusted over the years, it fits me just the way I like it.

The pattern I use to make girl child's athletic tops is also mine, the RacerBack Athletic top Epattern for kids.  She's at the top size now, and looks like I'll probably have to draft up a larger size soon.  It is a pattern I use often for t-shirt mods.  Roller derby puts you in a lot of different colours over the course of a season so it's not unusual to have to make up six or seven shirts over a couple months.  

The Racer Back pattern, by the way, I think was the bestest photo shoot we ever had.  It's girl child and one of her good friends and roller derby teammates.  It's fun to see how much they've changed since I took these photos two years ago.  See the original post here.

 photo 91be42a3-a6f3-4111-bf1f-20d0bd49629b.jpg

What sort of clothes do you guys sport in? 

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