grocery list

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Hey, who has to run through the grocery store like our asses are on fire because we're running between jiu jitsu and roller derby practices, but still managed to find the time to type out the grocery list, make corrections, and draw helpful illustrations?

This family!

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It's this sort of thing, I was thinking as I consulted my shopping list that had been hand typed on a fifty year old piece of technology while speed walking through a mega-grocery emporium at dinner time, that gives homeschoolers a bad name for time management.  I also note that training my children in combat sports has given us a distinct advantage with the produce section crowds.

It's all about priorities.  

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  1. Good to read you again! Jiu-jitsu and derby, so an awesome combo. I gave derby a try for 7ish months, but after multiple concussions, I decided I wasn't tough enough for the sport. I am very excited to get back into jiu-jitsu now that we are getting settled in our new state.

    I LOVE the grocery list typed on a type writer. I would totally let the kid make us late so she could play with that!