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Summer camps, playdates, carnivals, beaches, camping, slow down SLOW DOWN...

At some point, not so long ago, I intentionally began to be less of a maker, less of a doer.  I began to edit my life and my options.  There must be many more feeling the crush of ambition and knowledge as they say editing is an increasingly important skill for us to develop.  They and me, swamped with information, advice and opinions.  I'm not sure if I want more and there's no more room anyway.

It seems that the messages of my generation intended to expand our freedoms have become tyrants in their own right.  'You can be anything you want to be,' twists into, 'why are you more?'  But who says this 'more' is what we want?  Are we tired of getting everything we ever wanted yet?   

Just a reminder to me: I have all I need and much, much more.  Edit, edit, edit.


  1. I've been feeling the need to edit as well. As we keep moving into bigger and bigger places (house options here are non-existent so bigger usually equals safer), and I keep adding more and more stuff, I'm feeling the strain. Added to all the new friends we suddenly have and the more requirements for our time...

    I'm excited for public school to start back up so I don't feel like we have to say yes to all the playing and visiting that has been required and we can get back to our coveted lazy-stay-home days.

    I LOVE your wall. Love it.

  2. I love this! A good reminder for me as well. Thank you for sharing!