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You know what the Internet needs?  More pictures of cats.

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We have two gray tabbies that are getting to be about middle aged.  They are completely indoor cats and they still do not approve of this winter thing.  It is impossible to sit down without having a cat creep onto you to bask in your body heat.  It's all very subtle yet invasive.  I have no idea when they do this, only that I'll be sitting having breakfast and suddenly realize I've been petting a cat sitting on my lap for the past five minutes.

God help you if you lay down.  I don't know what we'd do if they collectively weighed more than ten pounds.

 photo 4fc5b215-3251-403b-9459-e36efb76cef4.jpg

We get a lot of this.  This pushing of the head under our hands or between us and our books.  Because the cats are not only cold, they are needy.

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This is girl child and I reading in bed.  And this is the inevitable cat.

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Perhaps they like to sit on us to prevent us from sitting on them.  They do blend in somewhat with the furniture.  The dump couch (so named because it was procured at the waste transfer site) is particularly cruel.

 photo a9b9cf7e-a878-42eb-9d2c-ff5d5bacd158.jpg

I really love our spoiled cats and they seem to like me in return.  Or, they like my body heat, my ability to scratch behind their ears and pour cat food into their dish.  I don't flatter myself too much.  Sometimes that I take video of them just purring... probably something my children will use to shame me with when they grow up and I fully become the cat lady I am destined to be. 

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  1. I love cats, but am not really a cat person. Probably because I don't like having my space invaded without invitation :0)

    Love the photos of you and girl child reading with the kitty.