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This week has been heavily focused on survival.  The Man was away for work and, I admit, I don't operate well being the sole parent twenty four hours a day.  I need breaks and ample time doing my own child-free things.  I like my roller derby practices.  I like time to read.  I need my introvert alone time for good mental health.  Children, bless their little hearts, are sweet little time consumers and will try to be the center of my attention every moment of the day given the chance.

Unless they're around their friends.  And then they want me to back off and, for the love of it all, Stop. Taking. Pictures.

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Today is audition day for girl child.  While I'm not surprised that she has chosen Worst Pies in London from Sweeney Todd for her piece, I am a little flabbergasted at how challenging it is.  It's all disjointed melody and post-modernist absurdity.  It's also funny as hell.  I love Mrs. Lovett.  Girl child has spent hours and hours practicing her one minute clip.

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One is willing to work very hard, it seems, without any prodding and pushing from one's mother when it is what one wants.  It's true.  Intrinsic motivation.  Beautiful stuff. 

Though I would never say that this is it, forever, this theatre thing for girl child, but right now it's bloody brilliant that she knows herself well enough to be able to articulate what she wants and has worked to overcome the difficult parts in order to follow this passion of hers.  Not all of us are lucky enough to have such definable goals.

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Oh, now, don't go feeling sorry for the boy.  There is tons of things he loves to do.  His biggest problem is there is only so much time in every day to do EVERYTHING and he wants me to help him do it.

It's really only a problem for him when the support staff, aka mom, just wants to sit down for twenty minutes and read a book.

These are good problems.

Now to help girl child put the polish on her ridiculously difficult audition piece and prepare myself to keep a calm, supportive expression while completely panicking on this inside.  You know, stage mom stuff.  And I need to make some meat pies for our post audition celebration.


  1. Tell girl child to break a leg. Keep us updated as to how she does. She'll rock it!

  2. Good luck for the audition! I have to say that I'm relieved to see your girls spelling as I have been a little concerned with my daughter who is the same age. She still spells a few words phonetically too. Now I think she's doing ok ;) THanks!

    1. I think my kid has many talents and spelling is one that is still emerging :D Seriously, as long as I see improvement in her spelling over time - and I have - I won't worry about it. I just let her read as much as she wants and she learns.

    2. Thanks :) Yes same deal here. She can recall all sorts of random facts about animals that I've never heard of. My girl has her nose permanently in a book too, so I'm sure she will improve with time.