owl half mask

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I've begun to play a bit with paperclay.  I suppose that with all new materials, there is a bit of a learning curve.  The horns for this goat doll was my first ever try.

Generally, I'm quite pleased with this mask. It is lightweight and fairly strong.  The paint on it is watercolour pencil and a layer of gloss fixative.  I'm choosing to ignore the little cracks in it.

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I began with a mask shape made from card stock.  I taped it to the outside of a mixing bowl to give it a rounded shape to fit a face better.

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A layer of paperclay and two loooong days of drying...

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I did peel off the paper behind, after the clay was dry, but I don't think that was necessary at all.  That may be where my cracks developed, since I couldn't wait patiently and played with a bit before it was completely dry.

The paint is watercolour pencil and then a layer of glossy spray fixative.  I started painting without a plan.  I should of had a plan.  Oh, well, next time.

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A plain ribbon to hold on the mask, laced through holes I made.

I even took a selfie or two and didn't die. 

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So many ideas for the paperclay!  I have another made for a doll and the childs both have their own mask projects in progress.  Such a versatile and satisfying medium to explore.


  1. What a beautiful mask! I think you work quite well in this medium! AND I love that you got in front of the camera too:)

  2. Like the selfies :0)

    Paperclay sounds super fun. We might have to check it out.