sitting goat

I've been playing around with a little goat doll pattern and, coincidentally, just gotten a hold of some paper clay.  This is what happened when I combined the two.

 photo b0b9920a-b691-4cdd-a8e5-7b1da1124f35.jpg

The goat's markings were created with regular felt markers, borrowed from boy child.  The legs have wires through so they can be shaped and curled and even hung from a bar so it can be a goat-opossum, if I please.

 photo 71cedabd-8516-4683-acd2-e5754c82f70f.jpg

I love the paper clay.  So light weight and agreeable.  The horns, since I failed to plan ahead appropriately, are just glued in place with contact cement.  Works surprisingly well.  Next time, though, I'll make it better.  Still thinking about how.

 photo 374c8079-e4b5-4bda-a579-2f9876589465.jpg

The greatest challenging was having the goat sit nicely, but a circular piece of cardboard sewn into the base did the trick. 

 photo ccc51b3b-4964-47c1-b361-3afe6ff73291.jpg

I've made some changes to define the jaw a bit more for the next one and I think I will do regular cloth arms and legs to make it a sort of goat person.  Of course, now that I've said, 'goat person', I feel certain I need to make a satyr.  Back to the sewing table...


  1. So. Totally. Awesome.

    I have not played with paper clay, but would there be a way to enclose some sort of fabric that can be stitched to the body?

    Can't wait to see what you com up with!