peg games

Last week, or maybe the week before, I was fabulously, hideously ill with the flu and then lingering strep throat.  Some evening during that hazy time that I am unable to pin point, The Man and childs made these little peg games using scrap wood and pencil crayons.  (Or perhaps, if you are not from western Canada, you will call them coloured pencils.  Or colored pencils if you are not from Canada at all.)

 photo 07d98bd2-d8f6-4b5e-bac5-8b95817ebdb7.jpg

The games rest, incidentally, upon a scrap wood picnic table that The Man also built and stained during the last few weeks.  I'm not entirely certain what about my being sick drives The Man to woodwork, but I suspect it has something to do with having to do so in the garage and thus neatly avoiding the house where the ill woman lays about whining.  Even though The Man has only a hand saw with which to slowly and labouriously cut wood with.

 photo a977d423-2379-4597-88b3-d29b4923b098.jpg

The square game is tic tac toe and the triangle is that one where you jump a peg and take the jumped peg away, eventually ending up when you can't jump any more pegs.  The lower the number of pegs left, the more a winner you are.  Whatever that game is called.

 photo 54b65359-36ab-4bc3-b907-e7b6953c7878.jpg

I personally find the games about as fun as a dental appointment, but boy child in particular has a love of tic tac toe and I have played an obscene amount of rounds with him as of late.  He's getting trickier.  I may have to concede that the student may be surpassing the master.  Maybe, hopefully, I can gracefully retire from the tic tac toe circuit soon.


  1. Sucks to be sick, but it's hard to complain when there is productive work coming out of it!

    My kiddo loves tic-tac-toe and she can play forever with her Da. I can handle one or two rounds then I'm done.