calm water

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All these photos are of reflections on water (Mackenzie Ponds and Sylvan Lake in particular, for those in my area). It's been unseasonably peaceful weather-wise and we're all trying to spend as much time outdoors by the rivers and lakes as possible.  It's easy to do when one has a five year old that acts like a trapped feral animal whenever he is indoors. 

The girl child is still suffering her paranoia over bacteria and parasites but has the most relaxed attitude towards real bugs and adventure.  For instance, girl child has been reduced to tears afraid she is going to contract a guinea worm (they're in Africa, child, relax!) but will casually mention that she has a bug in her hair and doesn't seem to mind that it's a fat, hairy wolf spider.  This same child is terrified of picking up instantly fatal carcinogens from plastic wrap on a book that she accidentally licked (how does she do that?!) but wants to play with leeches with her bare hands.  Apparently, the imaginary and impossible is scary, real creepy crawlies are cool.  Please tell me this is a stage. Whatever it is, being in nature calms her down.

Calm is the keyword here: calm water, calm children, calm mama. 

Between doses of nature, we come home to shower and eat some of the fifty cups of saskatoon berries we picked last week and then plan our next outing.  It's about all any of us can handle right now.


  1. What incredible photos. What lucky children.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Not sure about the germ thing. I hope for girl child's, and your sake, that it's a short phase.

    My kiddo loves to be outside, but if we go hiking, she will go out of her way to avoid being touched by green vegetation. We joke that she better be careful or she'll get nature on herself.