Spring 2011

We've managed to kill another laptop - our average has been about one a year, though, I'm not sure this last one even made it that long. Right now I'm using an older one, the one missing a few keys and the tendency to suddenly blink out.  The downside of all this is that I can not load any new pictures for you.  The upside is that, in between a couple of whole system shutdowns, I managed to grab a picture stored two years ago.   

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As always, we'll be at my grandparent's farm this Easter, hunting eggs and eating ourselves into sugar comas.  I hope to play a ridiculous amount of board and card games, both kids but particularly Birdie, being very much into them.  (Oh the agony of teaching a four year old good sportsmanship.  I have to keep telling myself that I will appreciate taking the time to beat the pants off him at Snakes and Ladders one day, when it would be so easy to let him win.  We're all learning here.) 

This year, in addition to regular bunny eggs, the Easter Hydra will also be hiding a few eggs.  We've been learning about Greek mythology at home and Smootch has taken to mashing up family events and learning.  She says, when the Easter Hydra hides her eggs, you don't want to find them. 

(Note to self, find gummy worms and put them in a few eggs.) 

The Easter Hydra, so you all know, has nine heads with buck teeth, long furry ears, and twitchy pink noses.  When Heracles fights the Easter Hydra, he carries a club and a decorated egg.  I expect by the end of the weekend, Smootch will have completely rewritten Heracles' twelve labours into a chocolate bunny laden adventure.

Happy weekend all!   

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