small, unfinished things

The only thing more plentiful than half finished dolls around this home is poor lighting. Dolls are everywhere. A surprising number of them have vaguely bird-like features.  I think they may be multiplying when I am endlessly busy making snacks for small children.


Really fun things to do this week:

 :: Learn how to make wool roving doll hair

 :: Create sweaters and knit scarves for Black Apple dolls I am donating to the kids' school for a raffle fundraiser.

 :: And sew some faces on those Black Apples also. No button eyes for these, I would like them to actually sell raffle tickets to all the nice parents of the even nicer children at the school, not merely creep them out (I can do that any old time).

 :: Read Katy Towell's Skary Childrin to Girl Child.

 :: Figure out what to do with a doll that no child can play with.


The above is hanging in my poorly lit bedroom. It's only six inches tall, the birdie proto-type for the one in the first photos. This doll has no purpose, other than to hang, fumingly, over my linens, yet I am still fond of her, given her stripey stockings and toque.  Should I sell her? Hide her in the basement? Gift her to an unsuspecting relative for Christmas? I don't know. Perhaps that is why she is so angry.

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  1. Give her to a grumpy relative :0)

    I love the dolls. We just moved and I am itching to get my sewing machine out and make something squishy and cuddly.