pick me up

Because it's been a bit of a rough week for girl child, I thought I'd put something out into the universe and see if it can make it's way back to the girl in a way that she understands since she doesn't believe what I say, I'm just ol' mama who doesn't know anything about anything and of course I have to say nice things to her because I'm her mom.

When did I lose so much credibility?

But here is what girl child needs to know: You, dear one, are small but you are smart and resourceful.  Falling down is not the worst part, failing to get back up again is.  Focus on impressing yourself.  You've already won over the rest of the world. 



  1. sending girl child love and energy and faith in her ability to pick herself up, dust herself off and believe!!!!
    Lovely post - Thank You

  2. Aw, she's lucky to have you on her side.
    My daughter has had a bit of a rough time of it recently, it is painful to watch her react so sadly to those opinions which should not matter at all.

  3. girl child... you are amazing, everyday is new.

  4. Poor old thing. There's a lot of that going about at the moment.

    Sometimes when mine are feeling that way it really helps to give them specific examples of ways that they are amazing.
    Like when Esme tells me she is really bad at drawing, I like to find specific things about her pictures that I love, for example the way she draws superhero capes so they look like they're flying.
    It seems to help more than me just saying "No, you're awesome at drawing."

  5. Thanks everyone. These kids cycle up and down in their moods, just like their mom. I try to let her have down moments (we all have the right to a good cry)and be there for when she needs me.

    On the up side, Boy child is have a time of unprescented self confidence. Which is probably even harder to handle :D

  6. are the same age as my girl. May I just say that you are beautiful in mind, body, and spirit just like my girl child. Life is hard and not always fair. People aren't always nice and sometimes you just want to give up. Don't. Remember that life is like a roller coaster...lots of ups, downs, and flips. Sometimes it's really scarey and sometimes it so fun and exciting. At the end your family will be there for you to hug you, dry your tears, and hold your hand for the next round of excitement.
    So you girl has learned to sew because of you. She was so inspired to see pictures of you that she wanted to sew to. Thank you :)
    Be strong!