breakfast with witches

It's fairly obvious at this point that I am taking a bit of a blogging break.  It wasn't intentional, it's just that roller derby has ate my life and spit out only the most essential things to existence.  Food, water, shelter, my kids, my husband.  Blogging and crafting and sewing and almost all non-life sustaining activities have been paused.

This is not as unhealthy as it seems.  I am fitter than ever, I am learning, I am teaching, I am very much involved in my community.  It's what I do right now.  I've decided to stop fighting it.
So be it.

Still, I would like to share with my less seen family and friends how Smootch and Birdie are growing.  So I will posting pictures, basically reverting back to the primary reason I started my first blog.  To show grandma some cute pictures.

To everyone else, the hundred or so tutorials and patterns I've posted are still available.  I am still around to answer sewing questions.  And, if the urge takes you, you can go ahead and tell me how adorable my kids are too.  That never gets old.

And here is some photos from this morning's rather somber breakfast I shared with some witches.





  1. Your kids ARE adorable! It would be so entertaining to be a fly on the wall at your home; wouldn't want to disturb the integrity by being anything other than a fly, just observing the harmony.

  2. Life is full of different season, and right now yours is focused around roller derby and family- absolutely nothing wrong with that. Our focus recently shifted from crafting like crazy, to food as we recently discovered my daughter and I have a LOT of food sensitivities. Relearning how to cook everything has taken over my life but it is what is needed in our life right now. So much easier to just go with the flow.
    And I agree with Brandy, your kids are adorable and it's fun to see them grow!

  3. My blog is reverting back to a family diary too - not sure I have time for much else :-) Love the witch photos, such cute witches :-)

  4. I hope you never stop blogging. I been reading your blog for some time now. The life you show is a life I wanted. I have a special needs child and my life is not even close to what I though I would have. On my bad days, I look up all my favorite blogs and remind myself what normal is. Your blog is on my favorite list. I've enjoyed every post and look forward to the next one. You'll never know who's life you've touched doing the simplest of things. Thank you. :)