gonna give my heart away*

Today I spent some time ignoring the unusually warm autumn weather in order to do something I have been promising for way too long now.  After some dithering about how best connect those of you who would like to find handmade goods and services with those of you who provide those good and services, I finally decided on a sponsorship directory format, which will ideally make it incredibly easy for y'all to hook up.


I have put up a sponsorship page, where you can read all about my awesomely affordable sponsorships, suitable for us three woman (me, myself, and I) handmade operations.  Check out the sponsor directory to the right, and check out the information page if you would like to know more.

While I was busy putting this all together, The Man was doing his own thing with the kids. The Man is pretty creative, often using natural materials he finds laying around someplace, and I'm always impressed with the projects he comes up with to either solve one of our problems, demonstrate a concept to the kids, or just entertain in general. One thing I've noted, however, that many of these projects seem to involve either explosions, burning, or projectiles.


This is probably a guy thing. 

Smootch played with the bow and arrow for awhile, but Birdie is the one who has really taken a shine to it.   He doesn't seem to mind that he lacks the actual dexterity to be able to effectively operate the bow, the whole thing looking a lot like he's trying to snap his own head with the elastic. He does, however, make up for any lack of skill with an exuberant soundtrack, complete with airborne zipping noises and spitty final booms.


I just try to stay out of the way and keep my comments to myself.

If you would like to make your own bow and arrow, all you need is a stick with a slight bend, an elastic (ours are from grocery store produce), and some smaller sticks with an offshoot that you can break off to form a natural Y shape at the end. Loop the elastic over the ends of the large bendy stick and wedge in the Y shaped ends of the smaller sticks.  Hold onto the stick, not the elastic.  Point, stretch, release.


My husband has all sorts of technical terms he has taught the kids, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. These sticks actually do fly, usually about 6 feet before they finally dip down to the ground, so please be careful where they are aimed.

You never know when the ability is going to catch up with the blast.


*Okay, free pdf pattern to the first person who emails me with the correct song name and artist to which this post title refers to. The clues are in the post. Cheers! WAIT! There is already a winner, less than five minutes after posting this. I gotta make these harder :D Thanks all for playing!

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  1. "Heart Away" by Gin Blossoms!! : )

    Love the Bow and Arrows.

    pink and green mama,