tees, reconstructed

I've made a start through my pile of knits to reconstruct into tees for the kids.

Winter here on Vancouver Island may not be particularly cold, at least not according to Alberta snow standards, but it is grey. ("The sky is grey, the sand is grey, and the ocean is grey..." :) I find myself grateful for the colour where I can find it. I'm even beginning to warm to the duck boots.

So far I've made one raglan shirt for each child. I'm particularly proud of Birdie's. Not only did the stripes in the applique come together with the shirt stripes in a particularly serendipitous manner, but I managed to reuse the ribbed collar from a men's golf shirt. If anyone's interested, I can do up a little tute on that.

Smootch's shirt, well, we all blow it every once in awhile. I think I actually cut the front and back of the shirt too big on top, either by having the pattern piece shift on me or maybe I traced the pattern wrong, but something needs adjusted before I have another go.

If the girl child would actually hold still, you'd be able to see the goof clearly.

But since she will not (maybe can not?) stay still, she gets to wear the shirt despite it's issues. She loves the heart and the arms and, as she says, the 'racing stripes'.

And that is why I love sewing for my kids more than myself - they are much nicer to me than I will ever be. Bless them for that.


  1. The shirts are adorable. I'd love to know how to make the collar. A tute would be wonderful!

  2. oh yes, please do a tutorial for re-using collars.
    nice stripes!

  3. Horray for racing stripes! Both the shirts you made look comfy and toasty warm. Go you!

    I particularly like how the blue sleeves on Smootch's shirt brightens up the whole piece. It's a great bit of color to brighten up the gray landscape, as you said. :)

    Yup, count me in, I'd also appreciate a tute. :)

  4. Kids just love stuff being made for them don't they? Kinda goes against populist advertising eh!

    (nice Ani ref too!!)

  5. When I started sewing a friend told me that her mother-in-law always tells her something about not noticing something on a horse as it runs by. I can't remember the expression, but the point is that kids move around so much no one is going to notice the little mistakes that seem so glaring to the person who made the garment. Thank goodness for that.

    This would be a much better comment if I could actually remember the expression! :)

  6. So cute! I bet the racing stripes make her super fast on her trike ;)

  7. I miss the island. I miss the west. *sigh* But...oh the island.

  8. Yep, we all blow it sometime. But as far as 'blowing it' goes, yours is really pretty good. Sometimes those raglans get away from one.... Nice work on the appliques. I do like the stripey heart on the stripey body. And isn't it fun when stripes magically line up on their own. That's always cool.

  9. Alisha - I was just coming to say the same thing! My MIL says if you can't see it on a bucking mule - don't worry about it.
    Wait - do I know you ??? :)

    I am doing some clothes re-cons in my house but I didn't think they were turning out blogworthy. Maybe I'll go ahead and post them. My little princess absolutely loves the dresses I made her from old maternity shirts, but do fall into the "bucking mule" category.