rock a bye baby bibs

My friends, the pictures you are about to see were created using a dramatic technique known only to parents and maybe the occasional unattentive grandparent: the banana smear filter. This effect was not intentional, at least, it was unknownly used while I remained ignorant as to clarity of the camera lens, but seeing as I'd rather serge my left arm off at the shoulder then try to have the boy sit for another photo shoot, I decided to use this rather adventerous fx anyway. Still, I'm concerned that banana mist may interfer with the integrity of the tutorial. Please let me know if I need to take a more rigorous approach and attempt to keep the children's grimy paws off the camera for another take.

Two bibs, designed for a friend requesting a rock n roll sort of theme.

Below is an applique of a acoustic guitar, which I have called "Baby Unplugged":

The other applique bib is of a stratocaster titled "Wired for Sound":

The guitars in both bibs were created using scrap material stitched on in a layered applique on top of a classic bib shape. The necks of the guitars bend around the neck of the bib and the 'strings' are rows of straight stitches.

The Bib

To make either appliqued bib, begin by downloading the bib pattern here (2 pages). Print the pattern at a 1:1 scale (or 'no scaling').

Glue or tape the two bib pieces together to at the dashed lines to make one full bib pattern piece. Place the bib pattern on a fold (where indicated on pattern) and cut out 1 front piece (background for guitar) and 1 back lining piece. Snip the fold at the neck portion of the bib.

Once your applique is finished, place both bib pieces right sides together. Stitch at 3/8" almost all the way around, leaving a few inches opening on the side. Clip curves and turn bib right side out through the opening. Press bib, making sure the opening edges are neatly tucked in. Top stitch all around the bib and attach a snap or velcro to the top of the neck opening.

(And if you are not liking the bib but do want to use the applique, either guitar would look very sweet on pants legs, skirts, tees, backpacks or anywhere else you can think of.)

'Baby Unplugged' acoustic guitar applique instructions

Download the Baby Unplugged applique pattern here (1 page).
Print the pattern at 1:1 scale (or 'no scaling').

For this applique I did not find it necessary to use a bonding adhesive or paper behind the applique pieces to keep them in place - they were large enough to pin. However, if you would like to use bonding paper, trace out the various applique shapes onto the paper and follow the manufacturers instructions to apply to your fabric. If you are going to just cut directly from the pattern sheet, print out an extra copy to seperately cut out the Body from the Soundhole decor A and Neck pieces.

Your applique pieces are:
Neck (note 'Top' is applied to neck of bib)
Soundhole decor A
Soundhole decor B (okay, I didn't know what these were called exactly. Go with it.)

Arrange your applique pieces on the front of your bib. See the top (bananalicious) photo for reference. Use a satin (tight zig zag) stitch around the edges of the applique pieces to secure them to the bib front in this order:
1. Body
2. Soundhole decor A
3. Neck
4. Soundhole decor B
5. Bridge

Your final applique step is to stitch on the strings. Start at 1/4" from one side edge of the neck at the top (use the edge of your presser foot as a guide). Stitch following the neck curve then down through the soundhole, ending at the midpoint of the bridge. Backstitch to secure thread. Start the next string 1/4" away from the first, following the same path. Continue for all six strings.

Finish the bib using the instructions given above in The Bib section.

'Wired for Sound' stratocaster guitar applique instructions

Download the Wired for Sound applique pattern here (2 pages).
Print the pattern at 1:1 scale (or 'no scaling').

This applique works best if applique bonding paper is used for the smaller pieces, which are absurd to try to stitch in place. You can probably forgo bonding paper on the two body pieces, bridge, and neck as they are large enough to pin. Trace the amp connecter, volume controls and pickups onto the bonding paper. Refer to the manufacturers instructions to apply bonding paper to fabric.

Your applique pieces are as follows:
Body A
Neck (note 'top' is applied to neck of bib)
Body B
Amp connecter
3 Pickups
3 Volume controls

Arrange your applique pieces on the front of the bib (see the photo above for details). This applique is layered and Body B is placed just slightly offset the Body A, fitting around the right side (as you look at it) of the guitar. Body A will be off the edge of the bib - I decided to keep it whole to keep the versitility of the design. Just cut off the overhang on the bib. The bottom of the neck should fit down over top of the bodies, with the right bottom corner resting on the edge of the Body B (see photo) so it looks all smooth and sleek, just like the real thing :)

Use a satin (tight zig zag) stitch on the raw edges of the pieces to secure them to the bib (or a straight stitch if you desire a bit of fraying). Do not stitch the edges of the volume controls or pickups because it is an exercise in frustration. Trust your bonding paper will hold.

Secure your applique pieces in this order:
1. Body A
2. Body B
3. Neck
4. Pickups 1, 2, and 3
5. Volume controls 1, 2, and 3
6. Bridge
7. Amp connecter

Finally, stitch on the strings. Position the needle 1/4" from one side edge of the Neck at the top (use the presser foot edge as a guide). Straight stitch down the Neck, following the curve, down over the Pickups, ending at the the midpoint of the Bridge. Backstitch to secure thread. Start the neck string 1/4" away from the first and follow the same path. Repeat for all six strings.

Finish the bib using the instructions above in The Bib section.

Let me know if there is any problems with the downloads and, of course, questions and comments are very welcome.
This is a free tutorial and I encourage you to use the information in any way you need to (check the disclaimer at the bottom of the page). If it works for you, please consider supporting my etsy shop by purchasing a Little Print Design pattern or toss a dollar or two in my paypal to show appreciation and to encourage me to offer up even more quality patterns and tutorials.

Thank you!
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