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Hello all! Sorry I've neglected you a bit over here. My pc had been humming in a alarming sort of manner until last week, when it unceremoniously (though I can not say without warning) stopped working. Ka-put. Apparently, an intergal part of the machine desperately needed for useful functioning went and melted itself. Thus all things computer related have been a bit patchy as of late.

But, having fired up the old lap top, I can share with you my new favorite bib for me Birdie Boy.

The bib above is a taupe linen with a tie applique. I used the scraps from cutting the bib to make a little collar embellishment. Here's how:

Below is two pictures of pattern pieces for this bib. Hopefully, if all works well, you can right click on the below pictures, you can save them to your computer. Print them each on a full 8x11 piece of paper for the proper sizing. This is the bib pattern and the applique.

Print this:

And this:

Once your two pages are printed, cut out the two bib pattern pieces and tape them together at the dotted lines for a full bib pattern. Position the pattern piece along a folded piece of light or medium weight woven material (pattern piece indicates fold side) and cut one for the top fabric. Cut another bib from a medium or heavy weight material for the back side. Save the little circular scraps from cutting out the necks to make the collar with.

For the applique, cut out the tie pattern on the blue line or trace the tie on to bonding paper. Cut out the tie piece as one on light or medium weight fabric (follow manufacturer's instructions if using bonding paper). Position the tie applique on the top bib and pin or iron (if using bonding paper) in place. Use tailor's chalk to mark on the lines in green onto the applique. Satin or regular stitch around the edge and where indicated by your chalk (green lines on pattern).

To make the collar, cut the circular scraps from cutting the neck in half, along the fold (when unfolded, these scraps look a bit like chickpeas - cut them vertically in half). This will give you two top fabric pieces and two bottom fabric pieces.

Align a top piece and a bottom piece right sides together and stitch as indicated in the illustration above, leaving the long straight side open. Clip curves and turn collar right side out. Press, then top stitch along curve. Repeat for other collar.

Align and pin the raw edges of the collar pieces with the neck of the bib, bottom fabric of the collar against the right side of the bib, as indicated in the below illustration. You will need to curve the bib slightly to align properly.

Machine baste the collar pieces to the bib.

To finish up your bib you can:

a) place the top and bottom bib pieces wrong sides together and roll hem around the edges (or a zig zag stitch if you like frayed edges - really nice if you use denim actually)

b) place the top and bottom bib pieces right sides together and stitch almost all the way around the bib, leaving an unstitched section on the edge.

Clip curves and corners, and turn bib right sides out. Press bib, tucking in the unstitched section naturally. Top stitch all around the edge of the bib, closing the unstitched portion as well.

Last, add a snap, some velcro, or any other clever closing device you fancy.

This is a free tutorial and I encourage you to use the information in any way you need to (check the disclaimer at the bottom of the page). If it works for you, please consider supporting my etsy shop by purchasing a Little Print Design pattern or toss a dollar or two in my paypal to show appreciation and to encourage me to offer up even more quality patterns and tutorials.

Thank you!
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  14. why when I try to print it out is it not full sized?

    1. Check to see that your printer option is set at a 1:1 scale. Sometimes there is a 'do not adjust to fit page' box to check or something similar. Have a look through your printer options and see if yours is set to resize in some way.