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I may be crafty but I am disorganized. That's why I am just now getting around to figuring out what the kids need for this winter. The weather is cold enough that a pair of warm mittens would be very welcome. However, 'round here we only seem to have super thin store boughten cheapo ones. Mismatched no less (see: disorganzied confession). So, the other day when we were heading outside right away but couldn't find anything decent to cover Smootch's wee hands, I quickly grabbed my stripey fleece stash and sewing stuff and made a quick pair.

These mittens will take a person approximately 5 minutes to make, if they are on the ball. If they have a wee helper, the time stretches out to about 15 minutes. It is also an excellent project for beginning sewers, particularly young beginners.

I used fleece for my mittens because it wouldn't fray (no need to hem!), but I think that a old sweater would work well if you used the finished hem on the bottom for the wrist hem. Next time I will be making a faux fleece and sweater pair, and then another with a water resistant material (will have to see what is in my stash). In addition to fabric, you will need 1/4" elastic and thread.

To sew an extremely fast pair of custom mittens, first find yourself a hand to trace around. You want to make the tracing loose, with the fingers slightly splayed (the hand would like a little room to move inside the mitten). Add a seam allowance to your tracing, making the wrist area wider (the hand would like to be able to get into the mitten).Cut out the pattern along the seam allowance.Place your mitten pattern on your double folded fleece and cut out mitten shape. Then flip over the pattern and cut out another mitten shape.Place coordinating mitten shapes right sides together and sew around the edge, leaving the wrist area open. Trim seam allowances. Repeat for other mitten.Measure the wrist to determine how long the elastic should be cut to create a cuff. The elastic should be snug, but not stretched. Add an extra 1/2" to overlap when sewing cuff elastic into loop. Cut a second piece of elastic the same length.Overlap ends of elastic and sew together (um, looking at the picture it looks like I actually sewed it while Smootch was wearing it. I didn't. Just so's you know.) Repeat for other elastic.With mitten wrong side out, use a zig zag stitch to sew the elastic to the mitten to form a wrist cuff. Repeat for other mitten.

Have hand try on mitten.
Sing the praises of mittens.Go outside and play.

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  1. How awesome!!! I was actually just thinking of doing this with my kids this year! Thanks for making it easy.. yet again! Love your blog!

  2. And what a sweet little hand it is too!

    I need to go and make a bunch of these. Between friends that come over to play who don't have their own mittens, and stuff that gets left behind at school and random areas around the neighborhood, hand coverings tend to disappear quickly around here. I have a ton of gloves that I picked up on clearance late last winter, but no mittens. I do have some absolutely delightful fleece remnants, though. Ooh! This will be fun! :)

  3. I love this mitten tutorial! I have about a dozen felted sweaters I was hoping to find a good use for and this looks like a great start. :) Just in time for the holidays! Thank you!


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  4. Very cute!!!! I like how your daughter helps you cut out the pattern. Good way to get her involved!!!

  5. what a great idea and I can't believe how fast and easy you make it. Guess I need to make a few for my 3 monkeys Thanks:)

  6. Now, why didn't I think of that when I was short mittens the other day??

    Great job!!

  7. Great idea! My daughter is obsessed with mittens and snow-- so this is a perfect little project to do for her. I think since she is still a toddler I'll probably sew a long string to the mittens to run through her jacket sleeves and minimize loss!

  8. Hey ! I just discovered your blog, and I love it ! You have so many wonderful ideas. Now, I need time, time and time to try some of your ideas (and a translater from inch to cm ;) ). Thanks a lot for sharing all your tricks.

  9. Perfect--thanks (what everyone else said: kids, lost mittens, snowfall, etc)!

  10. that look on your daughter's face in the first picture is priceless! what a shot. and thanks for the great and easy(looking) tutorial!

  11. wonderful !
    I do it for adults !
    ihihih !

  12. What a simple & great idea!

    I linked to this post on simplemakes (see at

    Thanks for the post :-)

  13. You just have the best ideas!!

  14. great idea! thanks for sharing... my son's mittens are always getting lost, so maybe i should make a set of 4 and just keep replacing the lost ones :)

    I'll be linking to this on dabbled in the future.


  15. very practical, thanks for the idea

  16. I don't know how I have missed this before. I am going to try some soon, I think I am going to use some old wool sweaters up:-) Thanks!