tv cozy

As the song goes, I hate the tv. Except, you know, when I'm watching it. But when I'm not, I'd rather it just go away. Because it's ugly. Behold:
Thus, my new tv cozy:

I borrowed a few idea from the people who make slipcovers to form fit it to my televison. I started with a few yards of fabric in a heavy weight cotton and 50 or so pins.

To make a custom tv cozy, the general idea is to drape the fabric over the television and then outline where you want your seams using straight pins. To conserve fabric, though, I cut my material into general shapes (front, sides, top, etc) of the approximate size and then pinned myself some seams to follow.

Begin with the top piece:

But do not do like the picture here - make sure you turn your fabric right side down (otherwise your seams will be on the wrong side). Do use some sort of weight to hold the fabric steady and prevent it from slipping off. I used coin rolls here.

I did the front piece next. Again, I just cut an approximate shape and then pinned where I would want to join the top and front.

At this point you may want to pause to deal with the serious anxiety attach your preschooler is beginning to have as they realize you are actually hiding the screen from their view.

Once the child is calmed (and perhaps recovering in front of the computer where you will suddenly remember the Dora and Backyardigan's episodes you have saved there), continue to drape and pin the rest of the television until you have form fitted it.

For the back of the tv, I just put a few pleats in to gather the material into shape. The back bottom was a full wrap around. I will not pretend like this isn't a tedious part - I suggest finding another pair of hands to help hold it all into place.
Once the pinning is finished, pull the cozy off the tv (gently - do not jostle pins) and machine baste the seams. Once seams are basted, fit the cozy on both right side out and inside out to see if you need to make any adjustments. Once everything looks right, sew the seams properly and trim seam allowances.

One more fitting, inside out, to pin the hem.
Sew the hem, turn right side out, and cover tv. Enjoy the significant other's and children's horrified expressions before explaining that the cover actually comes off. Tell them if you give you grief, you will cozy the dvd player too.

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Thank you!
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  1. This is super cute! Thanks for the tutes -- hubby looked at this and said "absolutely!" -- guess I'd better get started!

  2. No, thank you Kelly! Hope the instructions work.

  3. Nice tutorial and idea. I've seen covered cardboard boxes used as TV cozies.

    BTW, your wrap pants link in the sidebar goes to the scoodie instead of the pants.

  4. I just wanted to say thanks for posting all the great tutorials! I will definately be making some of them soon!!!


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  6. Ha! Reminds me of the cozy I made for my sewing machine so my husband wouldn't complain about me keeping it out permanently. Only I called it a slipcover for his benefit.

    These are great tutorials!

  7. This would be easier with a flat panel TV. ; ) You did good!!!

  8. Cute idea! Although our current tv is HUMONGOUS!! So I won't be doing it now but maybe if we get a flat screen later on ;)

    thanks for the tutorial.

  9. This is an awesome idea! I have always hated just having the TV sitting out, too, but I never knew what to do about it. We just got a flat screen TV, so it should be super-easy to cover! :)

  10. ohoho. i should cover the tv.... and the toaster... the countertop grill... perhaps the coffeemaker...and the microwave...
    my house is open concept so i'd definitely come off as a crazed person.

    Maybe just one thing then.

  11. i've looked at your tutes quite a bit, and must say i love them!! your commentary adds such life to the tutorial. very cool!!

  12. I love the added humour! :)
    Thank you sooooo much for all of your tutes! I can't wait to try some of them out!
    I've used A LOT of paper printing them out, though! :(
    I'm sure my almost 3yo will turn the backs into painted masterpieces for me, though ;)

  13. LOVE your Tutes!!
    I would so make this cozy--but after keeping the tv on a wheeled cart, in a closet, for 4 years, we finally sold it 3 years ago! out of sight out of mind---accept when you decide you need that closet space for the 3 toddlers winter clothes! But i am sure i can apply this to something...hhmmmm...a motorcycle cozy!? dh would love that ;)

  14. Anon, congrats on dumping the tv! I've been considering making a sewing machine cozy and a computer cozy too (though, now that our big cmpt has given up the ghost, the laptop isn' nearly as intrusive.)

    The motorcycle cozy actually sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you used a recycled, waterproof material like candy wrappers or milk cartoons.