lip balm cozy

For the first tutorial, I just ripped myself off and am giving you my old lipbalm cozy tute I published on awhile back (click for original)

The lipbalm/lipstick cozy tutorial for all you folks who are interested:

I use very small seam allowances, so you may want to play with the fabric size, but:

-Sew into tube

-Turn tube inside out

-Press flat

-Tuck under the raw ends and sew them shut

-Get out your favorite lipbalm and measure it to the cozy (I've made mine loose to fit all sizes, you may want to make yours more precise).

(btw, the Merry Hempsters make lipbalm that is far, far superior to this waxy garbage. Livin' and learnin')
-The fold should be made with the seam on the top, because we will be turning it inside out later. This is the part that your lipbalm will sit in

-Fold the other side down so the edges meet and pin (or not. I actually don't normally pin it at all, I just sew carefully)

-At this point you should have two pockets. Turn the two pockets inside out

-Press flat.

-The hardware. I'm using a D-ring here, but I've also used a clip which is more versitile. Also need a snap (or velcro if you feel brave)

-Put top snap on. You have to wiggle it down into the longer tube so the top portion doesn't show when the cozy is done

-Then fold over the cozy, sewing D-ring inbetween

-Then put on bottom snap in appropriate spot (again, wiggled into pouch). I find rubbing a bit of chalk on the top snap and then pushing it down to wear it will sit helps me get the bottom snap in the right place.



  1. I just found this after speaking with the girl this a.m. about having lost lip balm number 843. Can't wait to make one up and give it to her. Certainly if it's attached to her she won't be able to lose it LOL.

  2. Holy cow, this is the best thing ever! *goes off to sew one*

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for your tut!
    They are very easy and fast to sew!
    I made many of them for x-mas! They´re graet!

  4. Thanks all!

    Having such a hard time this year coming up with holiday gifts, I wish I hadn't made so many the first year. All of my originals are still in service so there's no need to make more as gifts. Have to come up with something else :)

  5. looks like it could also be used to carry tampons in a purse or pocketbook discretly. Great tutorial.

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  7. Love it! Posted it on Chaptastic (the Best Lip Balm Review Blog Ever):

  8. Wow, you only sew for 2 years? I think all your items are really wonderfull! Thanks a lot for the tutes!

  9. ciao
    your tutorial it's very simple... many thanks..
    and congratulation for all blog..
    anna paola Italy

  10. Thanks, made my first one of these the other day and it turned out okay.
    Here's my post:
    Love your blog, planning on doing several more of your projects.


  11. Wow! This is great! Thank you, I´m making one for me ^__^

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  13. Great tutorial. I loveee it! I made many.

  14. Wow I gift this to my girl friend on new year eve, she loves Lip balms.

  15. I have looked everywhere for a tutorial for this,thank you so very much. It's a great stocking stuffer for my many friends.
    Bless You,

  16. thank you so much for this tutorial. I am defintally going to use it! with alink back to you for credit of course!

  17. Really well done! Thank you for sharing this!