my mother's day

For my children, who are epic. 

I really like this homeschooler aesthetic you've got going on.  It says antiestablishmentarianism with a dash of nap time.

I like that our spring time 'school subjects' are Picnics with Geese and Skate Park.  It's a nice change from our winter subjects of Coffee Shops and Skate Park.

I like that your favorite animals are penguins and centipedes ('They're so cuddly!") and that you consider our kitties, Tiny and Battle Cat, to be your brothers.  To be fair, all four of you come running whenever you hear packaging being opened in the kitchen as being in competition for food is a defining feature of siblinghood.  

I like that though you are only twelve and nine years old, you live like middle age people who have unstructured time in the afternoon who enjoy a quiet nap before tea time.  This is unbelievably convenient for me.

I like how you have low standards for housekeeping.  Not having nice things is an excellent strategy we've developed together that allows us to not have to worry about wrecking the things we have and we can just relax now and have fun.  As long as we clean up the dishes so we can eat off plates and occasionally hose out the bathroom, we're all good. Who needs nice stuff when we can draw on the walls and play indoor parkour?

I like how your creativity and interests are unfettered by taste and skill.  That sounds harsh, but what I mean is that you never wait to be taught how to do something right, you do not wait to be told what you should be into, you just sort of go for it.  This way of proceeding has produced mixed results but the process itself, putting the responsibility of learning on yourself, takes the breaks off and what I see is a couple of kids who are resourceful and assured of themselves.  You take pride in your own achievements, whether they be performing solos in musical theatre or learning to tie a balloon off.  Some people are given an education.  You are going out and taking yours.   

I like how you like me.  It still blows my mind that everyday you want to be around me, want my attention, want to hear my stories and want to do all the things with me.  I can't expect this will go on forever so I'm going to soak up everyday now that I can, being with you in our little world, living our quiet routines and laughing at our own jokes. You forgive me my flaws and I positively adore yours. 


  1. I love that you have portraits of Rett and Link on your wall. lol! Fan art?