I found the key!

But it seems the typewriter is misplaced.  No New Year resolution list making for me.

I do enjoy a good New Year's resolution and generalized declarations of intent to self improve.  I mean, by other people.  Not me.  I'm getting a little bit too old (and jaded) for self-improvement and, frankly, it's hard keeping up with all the good stuff in my life without adding more.

Not like there isn't anything to improve on around here.  The house is a mess, the children are semi-feral, the DIY lacks the D and the freezer is full of corpses but nobody has taken out anything for dinner. 

BUT, I prefer to think of the house as gloriously messy because the only tidy places I know belong to people who no longer want to live there (staging my house for sale was the only time it was ever neat enough for company, it's true). The children are delightfully semi-feral.  And I'm relishing the DIY that sits upon the pile waiting to be done because it's nice to have something to avoid and feel like reading a book instead is a subversive treat.  As for the freezer full of corpses, well, you let a few people know that you are interested in learning a bit of preservation and taxidermy and your world is suddenly rich in deceased animals.  So that's not so bad. 

Girl child's altered tee
 What is it that they've said about life stages?  In your twenties and thirties you are trying to impress the world and in your forties you start just trying to impress yourself?  It's been easier since I refused to read or watch anything that even faintly hints of self-improvement.  I'm pretty tired of myself as a topic in general, so for this New Years I'm just going to resolve to keep learning about the world beyond my physical and mental boundaries and how I can appreciate it more. 

(No need to point out how I'm talking about how tired of talking about me on a blog all about me and mine. I'm all about the irony.)

A terrible picture of a slightly larger than life doll I made last month... it's out now visiting professional artists, getting some enhancement and, judging from progress photos, a lot of personality.

If you want to see what terrible things the semi-feral childs and I are up to everyday, check out my instagram:

Until next time, don't you go changing a thing.

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