Etsy shop updates - a little more for a little less

Birdie's Britches ePattern
I'm doing a little housekeeping on the Etsy shop and, oh goodness, so many memories!  The childs were just babies when much of my patterns were developed.

Patchwork Twirler ePattern 
Which suggests two things to me: 1) Dang, I need to make a few new patterns before I qualify for the legit vintage category and 2) Life has been very, very good to me.

FairWeather Jacket ePattern
It's for the second reason that I decided to lower the prices on all the existing Indietutes ePatterns. A holiday gift of sorts, to anyone interested in acquiring one of the patterns for themselves.

Bush Hat ePattern

If you want to visit the shop and check out some of the changes (like the new lower prices :)), please visit Indietutes on Etsy.


Before you go, if you do Instagram, I have started an account there under Malady Beastly to share the little projects and dolls that I've been doing.  Oh, and pictures of books.  Shelfies sometimes.  For no good reason, really, other than I really like my books.

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