Victorian tea party hat

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Just in case you ever need an absurdly tall hat to wear to a Victorian demented mime tea party.

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I made the animal head but I can see an upcycled version with a pre-existing stuffie.  Paint clings quite nicely to fabric and fake fur.  Use glue adhesive to secure to a painted cardboard base and decorate with frippery. Paste on a ribbon tie.

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  1. Frippery...such a great word!

  2. Hi there! I was looking at a child's backpack that you posted back in October 2009. It tells me the pattern has been removed from the website. Do you have it available for purchase? I think it's adorable!! Thanks!!

  3. Yes, the online data storage I had it stored at has stopped it's business. I will see if I can find the original on my computer and put it up this weekend.