Handmade cushions for Ikea stepping stool

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In my little kitchen, I've been making the poor childs sit on these terrible Ikea stools for years of meals.  In retaliation, the childs have done their best to dent, paint, stick and generally dirty up the stools to encourage me to get them something better.

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No such luck for them.  Our spot for our dining table remains tiny and the chairs remain functional, despite their efforts.

But, in an act of mercy, last weekend I made them a couple of cushions to tie onto their stools.

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They are made with a lightweight denim and some scraps for the patchwork.  It's just a basic foam cushion inside that I cut from a larger piece I've had among my sewing supplies forever.  The bottom has a couple of ties to secure it to the chair (can't give the childs anymore reasons to suddenly fall off their chairs during dinner) and the bottom has an overlapping flap that allows the cushion to be replaced or removed for washing.

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Square corners used the flummox me when I first started sewing.  It's gratifying to have them come together well now.  Everything is double seamed for strength.

Below is girl child, enjoying her enhanced seat (and also in her very first literary tee).

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Hope you enjoyed my little project.  Comments and questions welcome :)

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  1. Isn't it funny how it can take us years to make those little useful things that make life a little easier? I finally recovered our kitchen chairs, something I have put off for the last couple years, and it only took me about 30 minutes.

    The cushions look great!