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One of the great things about homeschooling is choosing what and how many out of house things to do.

Girl child chooses all the things, all the time.

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It's funny, she wonders why she is so tired at night.  I dunno, I say, maybe it's because we are either swimming, skating, climbing, rehearsing or performing every darn day and when you aren't doing that, you are jumping on the trampoline with your friends? And then you stay up late reading every night? 

We started homeschooling because it gave us more time.  But now we homeschool because we don't have time for conventional school.

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See the face of the over-scheduled child.  I wish I could say that that is a tired, forced smile, but the child is having a blast.  Her mother, however, would like to have a short holiday from doing... just for a few days.

In addition to the usual carnival, this week was also our community's performing arts festival in which girl child not only did well in her solo, but also was invited to perform in the festival's showcase next week.   

So, you know, hard work pays off.  All that hard work playing and doing what she loves.

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Oh, the boy?  Well, I've recently forced him into a single activity - karate, two hours a week - which he alternately loves and loathes, depending on his mood.  Other than that, he is very patient (when bribed) and joins us on many an outing to the theatre and derby games.  Bless his little uninterested in much more than Legos and Minecraft heart.

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