I did not paint this doll

I did make it, though.  Fabric, stitching, and stuffing, that was all me.  I made a fleshie.

 photo ed6d89bd-1ac3-457a-bcb0-bc26df0d0cad.jpg

Fleshie [fl-esh-e] NOUN : An unembellished three-dimensional art media in animal or human form to be used as a basic platform or canvas for an artist's work.

And then I handed the completed and unadorned fleshie over to my girl Kristin-the-Artist and she painted him with oils and added some wings. 


The Tooth Fairy (Who Watches You When You Sleep)

 photo 109c284c-1676-4849-8a03-f20fdd866fa7.jpg

I think he's beautiful.  It's all the gold.  You just know where he got all his gold from.

 photo b170243c-a08b-4258-a73e-324e4642cfb7.jpg

Do you have any gold caps?

 photo 639e6846-b332-49c8-9db4-45df82fe057f.jpg

Lookit his wings!  

 photo 7083a1b3-5ddf-422b-bd5b-6c3a2ea96787.jpg

I think his red underoos are my favorite part.

 photo 959f5b5a-9a15-4938-b515-707873378b64.jpg

I believe The Tooth Fairy (Who Watches You When You Sleep) will be putting his application in for a local adjudicated art show in a couple of months.  I have still three more fleshies out with artists that I am eagerly looking forward to seeing again and what amazing transformation they have undergone.

In the meanwhile, supplies are limited, but I do have a couple fleshies that need some creative hands to have a go.  I believe they would also serve much of your primary voodoo needs, providing you could get your hands on some fingernails or a lock of hair of your intended... just putting that out there.  Contact me if you would like some details or want to know how to get your hands on a fleshie of your very own.


  1. Oh my wow. This is incredible! I love the feather wings and all the beautifully painted details.

  2. Amazing work! The gold is a great touch . . . just enough creepy, lol. Will be back to see what else comes back to you.