paintbox fleshie

I have for you some of the details of one of the fleshies I made during my studio weekend

This little lady is one of the more sophisticated dolls I've made, finger and toe wise, with a needle sculpted face. 

 photo 6822f51d-2b26-43c5-b5a4-a0f63552f8d1.jpg

The elbow and knee joints were new for me... I'm still not sure how I feel about them.  I want to play around a bit with the design, perhaps there is a more satisfying way involving a bead and some heavy weight craft thread?

 photo cd6a7c30-8271-4b2c-9a8f-35343fb7419c.jpg

The fingers are wired and pose-able.  My favorite doll, prior to this one, with wired fingers was Jack the Pumpkin King. Smooshy little fingers, so much fun to play with.

 photo 75f7a345-43eb-4640-9680-e5a639b48e9b.jpg

Toes too!

 photo 60496371-135c-4c67-9150-58fe88765f74.jpg

 photo e4152761-8018-4041-893b-a36cb66930e6.jpg

I have acquired some red clay that is apparently a very good natural dye to make a vibrant shade of brown.  I'm considering trying it out on the doll.  On the other hand, the clay dye may interfere with paint adhesion.  Decisions, decisions...


  1. Your dolls are amazing. Do you hand stitch them, machine stitch or a bit of both?

  2. Thank you. I do both - most of the main pieces are machined, then turned, stuffed and hand sewn closed.